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Janell Carlson  We have all been here before. Iphone 3.5,6. Emily, Max and me

Yah! I went to the park and it was a sunny day. #amaxaday #anselmax #adoptdontshop #bordercollie #notmysquareblockworld

Eye exam 3.5 weeks post surgery. White of eye returning and now waiting to see how much eyesight recovers. Fuzziness and wavy lines. #hipstmatic #float #jing #decimate #decim8tion

Sometimes I feel like Jimi Hendrix in a house of mirrors. #decim8ed #decimate #decimatemyself

Had eye surgery 4/6/2017. Strangest thing ever so far. IV in left hand, still bruised today. Anesthesia which I have to say was awesome. Dr said it would be like no time has passed, truth. Adjusted mask and then I'm blinking my right eye to sound of beeping machines. No pain from the surgery. Minor headaches. But boy, what a beauty of an eye. Bruised and blood filled. Starting to go away but slowly.
Surgery was for a macular pucker, drain vitreous fluid from eye, remove offending membrane and place air bubble in eye which I think has finally dissipated, replaced by vitreous fluid. I miss my little bubble, it made seeing an event.
Last photo I was a pirate saying argghh but forgot the patch.

Blue skies for the three year olds birthday celebration. Saturday was awesome.

Happy Valentines Day to all from Max and me. #amaxaday #adoptdontshop #bordercollie #mysquareblockworld

Went to the park with Max and who did we see? @norabingc waiting for her dad to throw that ball. #bordercollie #adoptdontshop #amaxaday #millbrookexchangedogpark

King of the 'snow' #amaxaday #bordercollie #adoptdontshop #mysquareblockworld #raleigh
Max enjoys any amount of snow.

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