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Jana Williams  Photographer: Weddings, Fashion + Lifestyle ☀️Los Angeles, Ca Profoto B10 featured video👇🏻

We were chasing the sun and loosing light fast! For this shot I used @profotousa B10 as a backlight and another B10 as a fill light ✨ click link in profile to see a video sharing camera settings and lighting setup for this shot 💛.
@profotoglobal .
Model @tigerkaufman .
Mua @tingmakeup .
Dress @watters .
Video @emergefilms .
Producer @jessicawhitehead

It’s so easy to be critical of ourselves and magnify even the tiniest of errors that befall us in business…so I’m going out on a limb and focusing instead on three things I do WELL in my work. I’m creative, consistent, and I always give 100 percent. It kinda feels odd and self-congratulatory, but why shouldn’t we give ourselves props where props are due?! We give them to others all the time! List your 3 best business qualities below and we’ll all extend our own proverbial pats on the back to you, too! (And I promise, once you get past the ‘wait, what?’ of it, it feels really good!)

I had allot of DM asking about the settings for this shot. It was all natural light. ISO 2000/ @canonusa 70-20/ 2.8/1/250 swipe right to see a few more gems from @kayecaragan & Eddie’s wedding .
Venue @vibianaevents
Planner @detailsalicia .
Dress @lazarobridal .
Florals @bloomboxdesigns .
#socalweddingphotographer #phototips

In Alaska with @profotousa using the new light #profotob10 y’all I’m dying it’s amazing! Thanks for the video @vanessajoy and can y’all spot @brandonwoelfel in he corner? Amazing group here! #profotob10 #unleashedinalaska

Y’all I am thrilled to finally share the secret project I worked on with @profotousa !! It’s all about Light y’all and the B10 is my new favorite light! It’s small it’s powerful and it’s easy to use. I got the opportunity to get out and shoot with the B10 a few months ago and it’s been hard to keep it a secret. I am excited to see how y’all use this light and how we can inspire each other as we grow as photographers together. @profotoglobal #profotob10 #theoowerofsmall #unleashedinalaska Model @tigerkaufman Dress @watters MUA @tingmakeup

I’m feeling extra blessed for my job lately. I get to be laser focused looking for laughs , love, kisses, and all the special moments all day long. Congrats times a million to @brontebaynes and her handsome hubby !! @crown_weddings @jennifercoleflorals @ranchovalencia @ambereventprod

My heart breaks as I write this post. Our little prince Bugsy passed away in his sleep this week. It was all very sudden and unexpected. I met this little guy 11 years ago at a shelter in LA called New Leash on Life. He was only a few weeks old and very sick, but the minute I saw him I knew we were meant to be together. I knew I would love and care for my new dog but the depth of our love and friendship was so much deeper than I ever imagined it would be. Bugsy, I’m gonna miss you so much my love. Your eyes I mean I have no words. They were the most sensitive soulful eyes. The breed Bugsy was mixed with is Affen Pincher which are called “monkey dogs” and Bugsy eyes were like a chimpanzee almost human like. Very still and soulful. You would just stare at us and communicate your love and concern and joy all through your eyes. Your feet were just so unique. Everybody compared you to a Dr. Seuss character. Long and floppy in the front and kind of bow legged in the back.. Your tongue always stuck out on the the side and was what everybody immediately commented when they saw you, on how cute your tongue was.The way you walked was the cutest. I love that you always let me hold you like a baby. And how your long front legs would wrap around our necks. I love that you Always wanted to sleep with me and waking up and kissing you and how you always anted to be everywhere I was, following me from room to room. Always laying by my feet as I worked on the computer and somehow finding your way into the middle of the shot when I was shooting my videos. Our connection was so strong you loved me and was there for me through all of my highs and lows. You supported me so much. It filled my heart to the point I thought it would burst. How much you loved baths and how you liked to be wrapped special in the towel and cuddled right after. That night a few days before you passed , the way you laid on Dave’s chest melted my heart. I loved feeling you breathe. I loved feeling your heartbeat. I love your name Bugsy & I don’t want to stop saying it everyday..... you are forever in our hearts Bugsy thank you for letting me be your momma. RIP Bugsy ❤️

Super excited for this stunning wedding to be featured on @caratsandcake today!! Head to link in profile for the full wedding. It’s a MUST see! Planner @agoodaffair Florals @nisiesenchanted Venue @pelicanhillresort Rentals @goodtimesproductions DJ @elevatedpulse

The minute I met @nicolerombeaujennings I knew she was a trendsetting bride 👰 I am beyond honored her wedding is featured on @greenweddingshoes today!! It’s a must see y’all!! Creative Team | Design @amazingdaysevents | Planning @amazingdaysevents | Floral @preciousbloom | MUA @805makeup | Dress @berta | Venue @sunstonewinery

Obsessed with @missharvard & Alex and just every single person at the wedding! Talk about great taste, crazy beautiful, and totally genuine at the same time ❤️ @detailsalicia planned this stunning wedding @ojaivalleyinn and I wish we could do all over again!

I asked y’all what you wanted to see more of around here and you said BTS!! So I just uploaded a great behind the scene engagement session link in profile!!
I appreciate all of your feedback these journey would not be the same without each one of you! 😘

That’s right y'all! Here's a little #motivationalmonday! You can do anything you set your mind to! Say it with me y’all “I can and I WILL” now go get your Monday! #yougotthis

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