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Jana Osta  A curious mind and a smiley face. Discovering the world through Yoga 🙏🏻

A friend I recently met who found out I practice Yoga, asked me to show her nice pictures - which of course should be on my phone - of fancy poses I can do. You got it wrong! Yoga Asana (postures) is one arm of the journey which is only meant to support you in meditation. Yoga is a lifestyle and a journey towards inner reflection and bliss. The poses themselves are not a standing moment in time where you and your ego feel uplifted by how sexy your body looks. The pose is a meditation, enhancing your physical and mental health to access your true inner self.
Really just Google it and you will see for yourself. (The picture I am posting here is a posed pose of me looking internally - almost literally) #yoga #yogalife #meditate

In a world where everything is focused on the physical aspects of life, bigger houses, more cars and sexy outfits feed our ego...don’t forget to close your eyes and go inwards every once in a while #meditatedaily #higherconsciousness #yoga

“God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear”
He couldn’t have said it better @willsmith is such an inspiration and was able to really explain why free falling is bliss, because actually only those people who are willing to show their craziness, can be really still on the inside. Meditation is not sitting cross legged with your eyes closed. This is meditation, Yogis. #meditation #letgo #yogaposer #yogaindubai #lovesouthafrica #yogi @faceadrenalin

Ready to go...further than ever before. New roads and journeys with my partner in crime and the love of my life @madi1899 he’s not in the picture... but he’s behind me...taking the picture #southafrica #lovelife

I still can’t find myself being real and genuine while posing for a perfect picture in a Yoga pose...not that I can anyway.
I start wondering what’s the point of me sharing a serious looking perfect pose in a moment of time. Cause the truth is that no one is perfect... and without my imperfections I wouldn’t be enjoying this journey and opening my eyes to new things everyday.

If I were to share anything about Yoga... It would be to find enjoyment in every moment and love yourself for who you are. And while I’m at it... BE KIND!
#yogaposer #yogaindubai #loveyourself

Love for all the simple things in life that bring us happiness:
Sand, beach, food, fresh air, a blue sky, good company, good books, music, positive thoughts and someone to share it all with.
🌼 #yogainuae #yogaindubai #butiminabudhabi #yogainabudhabi #yoga #love #happiness #fun #whatever

Sometimes you can see more with your eyes closed #freeyourmind #yoga #movingmeditation #ytt200 @trimurtiyoga

So blessed to have the life I have and the opportunity to do more of what I love. Keep looking inward and you will travel miles while staying home #yoga #ytt200 #trimurtiyoga #india

What do you frame ? #india #thesimplelife

Thanks God for #sunsets #kilimanjaro #nature

Here's to new heights. Such a tough experience but tremendously rewarding #polepole #kilimanjaro

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