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jana  you can't put your arms around a memory.

chasing life 🐾

you are not foolish for falling, how else will you learn to fly?🐝

"of course i still believe in love. i love, love. love is dope. love is magical. love is powerful. love is healing. real love, is absolutely beautiful. doesn't matter how many times my own heart has been broken, there's nothing that could ever make me say 'fuck love'... i am, love." - @thecrimsonkiss #livinginthisjacket #lollapalooza2017 #morelove

tell me that u need me baby 💫 #rudimental #lollapalooza #lollapalooza2017

50 shades of can't stop eating at @lollapaloozade with @lesolom 🐼🍦🍟🍔👯

i will never regret you or say that i wish i'd never met you because once upon a time you were exactly what i needed. 🇮🇹♡

'be honest' i said to him. 'would you take me back if i've done even half of the things that you've done to me?' silently, he lowered his eyes to the ground. i shook my head 'right. didn't think so' - by @thecrimsonkiss

i have what i have and i'm happy.
i've lost what i've lost and i'm still happy. #alstersurfer #suphamburg


everything pink 🌷 @henriette_elise

etwas juckt mich im Gesicht, ich habs vergessen- Ach, ich weiss, was das ist, das ist dein Lächeln ♡ #konntenichtmehrstehen #kultursommerhamburg #axelbosse #akibosse #bosse #hamburg


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