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jana  24 laps around the sun ❁ kindheitspädagogik, B.A.

🌿🌿 ‘we arrive here as perfect little bundles of joy and then set about the task of learning to un-love ourselves! How unbelievably ridiculous is that?! Self-love, the simplest yet most powerful thing ever, flies right outside the window when we start taking in outside information. I’m not talking about conceit or narcissism, because those things come from fear and a lack of self-love. I’m talking about a deep connection with our highest selves, and an unshakable ability to forgive our lowest. I’m talking about loving ourselves enough to let go of guilt, resentment, and criticism and embrace compassion, joy, and gratitude.’- you are a badass

just another thing hanging over your head 💭

surprise pick up from the airport done right 🎈 24 on the 22nd 🐒 #onedaylate #birthdayweek #papaknowsbest

“I’ve heard people say that disappointment is like a paper cut- painful but not long lasting. I do believe we can heal disappointment, but it’s important not to underestimate the damage it inflicts in our spirit. [...] Disappointments may be like paper cuts, but if those cuts are deep enough or if there are enough of them, they can leave us seriously wounded.” - Rising strong by Brené Brown

Why wait for a happy ending when all you need is the happy hours 🍸 #blindforlove

these days are everything

always gonna be rooting for ya ♡

Pain, but I won't let it turn into hate🌹

PAR(ad)IS(e) ♡

the moment it becomes my birthday month👸🏼💁🏼‍♀️🌈🌷💥⚡️⚡️

she is no more with the wolves - who howl at night. she became the moon herself ☾

ain’t no him in hero 👭💘

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