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jana  23 laps around the sun ☼

tomorrow morning, let go of everything you didn’t do right, the negative things people have said and focus on all you are becoming🌹 #hhome

i haven’t felt the amount of happiness, gratitude and anticipation, that i did feel in this very moment, for a very long time ♡ #hamburg #home

watch me as i go 🌸

I do dream a lot during the night.
Most of the times it feels more like a curse than a blessing.
But sometimes you and i meet in my dreams.
Those are my favorites.
Sometimes i can see your face, sometimes i don’t.
But i can always feel the connection, I can feel the confidence and trust. I can feel how you look because you look so familiar, you feel so real. The way we hug, the way we smile at each other, the way we laugh, the way I admire you, the way my head fits so perfectly on your chest, your legs, your shoulders. Maybe we haven’t met yet but i know you and i believe in you. i believe that’s all worth the heartbreaks, the pain and the disappointments, that’s what all the learning is for, that’s what i’m looking forward to. #8amthoughts 🌹


how good are friendships that last for 10+ years where you don’t even remember how or when you’ve met but still make plans to buy a huge house one day and move in to grow old together and watch your children become friends as well #lifegoals

♡ den Sinn des Lebens geahnt, alles kam wie es kam und wurde irgendwie gut, aber nie, wie geplant.

i’m sorry i’ve been distant.
i’ve been busy.
i’ve been trying to fall in love
with myself,
with new things,
with new places.
i’ve been trying to start afresh.

i was the ocean
you wanted rivers
i was the moon
you chased the stars ☾

do more things that make you forget to check your phone 🌊

Auszeit 🌊

candle light dinner w @lesolom @liedeu 🔥🍷🧀

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