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South Dakotans! Consider attending tonight's fundraiser, put on by the lovely souls comprising two amateur baseball teams: Dimock-Emery & Alexandria. Proceeds will support my youngest nephew, Henry, who as of this week is officially through round 1 of chemo.
Henry got sick almost exactly two years after we lost our dad to cancer. So, our family is battling cancer again and I'm not going to lie, it's a lot & each of us seeing our personal and greater community banding together is overwhelming.
Earlier this week I was chatting with my brother and he said he didn't know what to do when so many people were trying to help them. "Thank you" doesn't feel like enough. Please know it means a lot to come from a community that is throwing things like this together without any of us asking. We're very lucky, and Henry has so much to look forward to in his life with people like you banding behind his 22-month-old self.

Will be on my way to start celebrating with you in less than 10 hours, @a_schulte11! Fire up the oldies, we're about to car dance all over town while doing final prep!

When you can tell the year of the photo by the sunglasses you are wearing...always happy to go on adventures with you @a_schulte11! (Colorado in the mountains on New Years Day, Women Try It Day in SD just after we kayaked ourselves straight into some trees, after another Emery girl's wedding & Ash realized I wasn't lying about saying a cop took off my side mirror, and in Minneapolis for the @twins!) #ashleysgettingmarried #3days

Proud friend alert: @tanyaschmitt received a volunteer service award at today's BestPrep luncheon! Errbody clap your hands! 👏🏼

In just a few days the always funny @a_schulte11 is going to get married! In so many ways she's my person so here's a Grey's Anatomy quote to really amp up the 🧀factor, and so she always remembers she is unstoppable. (And that when our two forces of nature collide on a dance floor you better bet some slick moves come out.) 💃🏻

From a walk with a great friend, in which I thought she said her friend named a new baby "Elton John." Laughed about it the whole way home.

From the rhubarb patch in the backyard. Turned into a crisp, of course.

From Friday, when we made grandma a birthday cake & then proceeded to immediately taste-test it.

There have been a lot of big things happening over here, including worrying about one very sick family member, that has taken a lot of my brain space. We're just hitting 4 weeks of his sickness and are finally getting a bit of good news. We'd love it if you sent a few good vibes his way.

When you show up late but with flowers in tow.

It has been a week.

We made some really good messes & even better art today.

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