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Ready to sit outside and drink beer all day.🍺 We're doing about 700 things in the next 30 days, but that 30th day we are boarding a plane & going to stop worrying about anything but sunscreen & relaxing for a tiny little piece of our life. And really, when I remember that (it took someone else yelling "one month!" at me today to remember) it puts all the crazy into madly fantastic beautiful lovely gracious perspective.

Busted bracket, maybe, but no game will take away the joy of watching the blue devils irl. #marchmadness #bracketbusted

May you all have someone who comes to visit on the last night of winter with hot pizzas in hand. And may that person be cool with you opening the door, shooing them in, but not talking yet because you're freaking out about the last 35 seconds of the #marchmadness game you're watching.

Choose one.

I once went through a "choose your own adventure" book and it told me I'd end up working at Betty's pies, so I basically made these. (Late pi(e) day because yesterday was too crazy.) #piday

A wrecking ball tore down a crumbling bridge in Big Sur today. The bridge was badly damaged from a storm in February and its demise cuts off 63 miles of highway 1. We just happened to make this trip a reality in January. Timing! Hoping those who this directly impacts are finding the support they need to make it through the next year as a new bridge gets built.

Ya'll this snow is not my favorite but this light is not a bummer.

Henry, age 1. (His first sentence to me other than bye, no, hi, and rrrrawr! Said while swinging.)

Acquired the scarf that is trying to break free in Estonia/ Had just touched a turban snail in a California tide pool / Been grumpy today and I think these gusty Minnesota winds are trying to knock it out of me. 📷 by @cool.storie.bro

Trying to remember "hell yes or no." And trusting that when someone says we'll see cool things in the tide pools, to listen well and look deep.

We're reconnecting and trusting our guts. (And finding pictures we never posted.)

"If you’re a writer or artist or creative person and your work is an arbitrary means to an end, you will not bring enough raw magic to your work to stand out from the crowd. There’s a reason a lot of your successful friends are 'lovely odd ducks for whom you’d never predict bonkers mainstream success.' Those are people who do the work they love passionately, who bring the full force of their personalities to every project, and the world embraces them with equal passion. Those are not people who are trying to 'connect' with some imagined audience. They’re fucking weirdos who are foisting their weird creations on the world without apology." -- gracias Ask Polly/@heatherhav

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