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The summer is over, the last few warm days of the year left. Oh, sigh.
(painting for Gallery House Toronto earlier this year)

Autumnal forest walks near the studio with @adamsbikse to have the much needed breathing and rest time for us both.
The tiny scale worlds of colorful fungi and moss are so beautiful at this time of the year!!

Endless days of painting details and highlights. Probably I would never call a painting finished if I didn't have exhibitions to stop me..

"Spring Break" one my personal favorites of earlier this year, for exhibit in Gallery House Toronto this past spring.
I feel it so important to be aware of and let sink in the real raw bodily sensations, like touch of the sunshine or wind to the bare skin.. We live so absorbed in the head, thinking, planning, worrying, while the pure joy of being is never even felt truly and purely anymore. This painting was a reminder to myself, as are many other of my work..

Severe crunch time period in my studio - last few weeks left working on the paintings for my Sea of Change exhibit in San Diego Art Institute, opening Nov 30. So exciting to see everything come together and fall in place.
Curated by Melissa of @distinction_gallery who is one of most special people who I owe so much for how my artist's path has evolved over the last almost decade πŸ’™

I do these little oil paintings from time to time that are like poetic intimate diary of my experiences and feelings, thoughts and glimpses of my bare vulnerable touch to life. Usually they stay private. But these 4 will be on view/sale in 13th annual BLAB exhibition opening Sept 8 in Copro gallery in Los Angeles. The titles are
"Summertime:The Listener"
They are much more jewel-like in person and so hard to capture in a photo, so please go and see in person if near. The lineup of the exhibition is splendid.

Got out of the studio for a bit of walk by the sea. A rare treasure for me these days. It's still warm, but it smells like autumn.

There are paintings that are like an opening, a door, a new chapter to me, that open new depth, new themes, that I cannot leave. This was one such, begun some 7 years ago, "Aphrodite and the Kitten". I have turned to much more realistic figure, there are different approaches to my work now, but the water theme never ever left me after this painting. This was the first.

I repaint parts of my paintings quite ruthlessly, sometimes even parts that are quite okay, just for the sake of the final mood that I'm striving to achieve. With this particular figure, now it exists only as this work in progress shot, in the final painting she is completely gone.. There is a completely different figure in its stead.
I always thought the worst enemy of a painter is the fear of ruining a good painting. With this fear, one can never create a better one.

I rarely if ever exhibit or sell my drawings and sketches, or preliminary studies, but some are so very special to me, even if I never turn them into paintings. This one, titled "Little Lilith" will be an exception and on exhibit in 'Ephemeral' group exhibition, curated by @beautifulbizarremagazine in Modern Eden gallery @moderneden opening Sept 15, in San Francisco. Please contact the gallery directly for all inquiries and infos and the preview, the artist lineup is so wonderful, so do it early enough! πŸ’•

Painting all the details..
On my 12 ft panels with the 0 size brushes, it's been quite an undertaking this summer. In other words, with all the warmth and sunshine, I'm pale as a snowman 🌞

"girl blown away" from the last year's solo exhibition.
This is the painting that underwent maybe the most transformations ever, the background, the figure and the details, everything changed countless times. It is so strange to observe the effortlesness of the final painting and know all the hard decisions and struggles of the process.. πŸ™‚

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