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Jana Brike  visual artist


"Blue Quiet Memory" for William Baczek Fine Arts gallery. On view now. @wbfinearts
More peaceful more quiet me. When the memories that had once hurt me deeply, heal, but still would come, especially on my days of solitude..

Tonight is the opening opening reception for my "ebbs and flows of heartblood" solo exhibition in William Baczek Fine Arts gallery in Northhampton, US!! @wbfinearts
So happy and grateful for this exhibition, and the opportunity to show this especially intimate and emotional set of paintings in this wonderful gallery, and part of them later in Pulse Miami.
Will post some of the new paintings during the following days, but to see them all please contact the gallery directly. 💙

"Search for the origin of the Universe", one of my 7 all new paintings for BeinArt gallery's 'Lush' exhibition. @beinartgallery
The exhibition is open to the public from today, so go see in person if nearby, or contact the gallery for all images and availability.
The artist lineup is wonderful!

"Dark Waters" painting, whole and with some closeup shots. Oil on canvas, some 3.5 ft across. For my solo in William Baczek Fine Arts gallery, opening reception tomorrow night. @wbfinearts
The title of the exhibition is 'ebbs and flows of heartblood' and it would be the title of this episode of my life, too. All my love is there.
Please contact the gallery for full previews. Also inquiries and other infos. I just wish I could be there for the opening!!

My solo exhibition in William Baczek Fine Arts gallery @wbfinearts is being installed and will be up starting from tonight!!
Here's a peek at the details on one of the paintings, but make sure to request the preview and see them all in their entirety, or better, visit in person! 🌸

"The Butterfly Effect" one of 7 paintings for Lush exhibition that will open later this month in BeinArt gallery, with Ray Caesar, Redd Walitzki and Rodrigo Luff. The entire series can already be seen on the gallery's website, and additionally the new interview about my art, process and other things also can be found there: temporarily also thru the link on my profile. Enjoy! And, please contact the gallery directly for all questions and inquiries 💙 @beinartgallery

My exhibition in William Baczek Fine Arts gallery in Northhampton opens this week. @wbfinearts
I titled it 'ebbs and flows of heartblood' as all 10 new paintings evolved around water element and strong intimate emotions. This is one of the smallest paintings in the series.
Please contact the gallery directly for all infos and inquiries, or go visit if you are near!
Some of the new paintings will be further exhibited in Pulse Miami this Dec.
So happy and excited for this new set of work!!

Detail of "I am your moonlight and flower garden" from 2015.
Title taken from Rumi's work.

Painting “death and one of her sisters” for Beinart gallery, in late progress. Go figure which of them is death and which is the sister.

I did a hand-painted unique frame for all the 7 new pieces in this new show, and the last touches were done on nearly finished framed paintings, to have it work with the frame as well as possible.

This piece of course bears reference to the strange magical painting “Gabrielle d'Estrées and One of Her Sisters”, probably one of most referenced paintings in history. If you know it, you probably can guess what is in the rest of the painting, hidden here.

All 7 new paintings will be part of “Lush” exhibition this Nov, along with works by Ray Caesar, Redd Walitzki and Rodrigo Luff. Please contact @beinartgallery for full preview and inquiries!

3 inch portrait study from 2015
"girl with a blood red drop earring"
As I start on my hugest in size and ambition painting series ever, for some reason I reminisce on the tiniest ones I have done. I did a little series of post-it size studies of friends back then. Work with the model in person is so intimate..

Detail of a portrait in progress of one brave strong beautiful human I met and became friends with on one of my travels. 💙

6 out of the 7 little paintings in "About a Girl" set that I did for a mini exhibition in Kyoto last year (the 7th was taken down a couple times when I attempted to post it). One of my personal favorites of all series I have done. Would love to spend a couple years to just create a series of a 100 of these little ones..

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