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Jana Brike  visual artist, explorer and lover of life based in Latvia


Looking forward to some summertime peace and tranquillity in the country these next couple months!! Here's 'Holidays at Grandma's Place' from 2015.

We've been color-proofing L'Origine du Monde for a new print release very very soon. We will make it time-limited edition so everyone will have a chance to get one during one day only. Stay tuned for updates!! Female body as a temple and sanctuary I live in, has been my theme for the past few years.

While I work like crazy on new paintings, here's a favorite from the last year titled "Thirst".
It did start for me with the idea of the Narcissus myth, feeling it is so relevant now, with people ready to risk their lives and die for a good reflection in a selfie.
But it ended as something deeper and broader than that, as a thirst to get to know one's true self beyond all reflections. I will get back to this theme sometime soon again..

Wildflower meadow background detail in progress on a 7 ft painting. Driving me slightly insane with all the repetitive petals and grass leaves, and I am slumbering off into odd states while still working with my eyes open..

Here's a sneak peek at my work in progress for my solo with Vinyl on Vinyl gallery in Sept @vinylonvinyl
This is a little part of one of the biggest pieces in the exhibition. This is inspired by Picnic at Hanging Rock, and most of all my own Himalayan diaries.

Detail of the Serpent Whisperer that I painted for Vinyl on Vinyl gallery in Manila in 2015.
In many ancient cultures, also in mine, serpents were the deepest wisdom symbol, representing the umbilical cord that joins all humans to Mother Earth. Women with their mysteries of birth and regeneration often had snakes as their spirit guardians. I have sometimes perceived the Adam and Eve story as a tearing of this umbilical cord. And had my Serpent Whisperer character aim to weave that connection back, like in those ancient cultures, like when the Earth was not something "out there" but an integral mother-part of us..

Married at first sight to the deep dark woods of my soul and these are the rings. ♡ :) Weekends are my inspiration time / much of reference photo taking time when I go into the wild.

Here's some work in progress on a little detail of a piece for Spoke Art's Moleskine project opening in June. I haven't done simple pencil drawing in ages, and quite enjoying it. It does take me much more time than a painting would though..

Painting little critters in the flaming sunset light in the studio. Maybe they are jumping of joy in alpine meadows, maybe there's more to the story..

Here's an old photo of me working on a painting for Vinyl on Vinyl gallery in Manila, probably some 3 or so years ago. I love this image, it's as if I'm a baby in the lap of a giant mom.
I have about 17 new big and small paintings in the process at the moment for a solo exhibition with this same gallery, and it will open Sept 22. I do hope to see some of you there!!

Tonight is the night of the witches, exactly 6 months from Halloween, when the time of darkness in the Northern hemisphere is over and the time of the sunshine is here. Time of love, joy and light. I'm going to burn a candle to that. Here's "The witch's night" painting from the last year, cropped to save your innocent eyes, according to IG policies.

Little Death and the Maiden.
A small piece yet a very dear one from 2015.
It of course plays around both, 'la petite mort' concept and the Medieval the death and the maiden iconography/theme. Although usually my subjects bear serene expressions, I enjoyed painting this one a lot!!

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