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Jana Witulski  To surrender is to be free || 🦁🌍

The still, small voice is the most disruptive.

Heart pounding, sweat forming, you start to question everything you’re going to have to sacrifice in order to be obedient. Though the voice is oh so subtle, it comes like a rushing wind, an overwhelming flood. It does not follow your schedule, your plans, or your desires.
It’s God’s will. It’s disruptive.

Isn’t it wild how God speaks in the stillness? However, the thing He has to say would have shaken us from our regular routine anyways. So why be still?

Stillness is an act of surrender; to put aside our flesh and kneel before God in the fullness of who He made us to be. To give up our control of time to the creator of time; to quiet our minds because His thoughts and His ways are higher than ours. Stillness is peace; it’s obedience.

So be still enough to be disrupted; you may just hear how loved you are.

AND SHE’S OFF! ✈️ ================
Laura, the Lord has been preparing you for years now and the time has officially come! Thank you for sowing seeds of faith and wisdom into my life; Praise God for random road trips and quick-forming friendships ❤️ Now it’s time to see the Lord’s harvest in Turkey! I am amazed by your obedience and your steadfast faith throughout this preparation process. Stoked to see how the Lord moves in your heart during this season! Also, hope you find some kombucha 😉
PSA: If you ever call Laura before she leaves the country, it could end in a similar fashion as “whelp see ya next time! And if not, see you in the next life!” Thanks for the assurance, buddy ❤️

Shawn (mother; mama bear):
•selfless, sacrificial, protective, guarding, quirky, soulful, joy, rooted, confident, unapologetic, leader, strong, a force to be reckoned with•
Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful spirited woman whom I have the privilege to call mom. Love you with all of my heart ❤️

MY BEST FRIEND IS OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED AND QUALIFIED! Dang, I am so insanely proud of you and the woman of authority that you have become! Happy graduation to my soon-to-be world-traveling homie 🌍❤️{Second picture: Mads - “Just be normal!”}
{Third picture: Mads - “This is the epitome of our friendship.” 🙃}

Experiencing the love of Jesus is like taking your first breath; you’ve never sensed something so fresh, so new, so life-giving. And it’s everlasting. <•>•<•>•<•>•<•>•<•>•<•>•<•>
Story time! This girl walked in to a Carry The Love event with a boot on. A friend and I asked if we could pray healing over her 7 month long injury and with defeated eyes, she said yes. After one prayer, the girl took her boot off and felt ZERO pain and was able to walk on it! Later that night, she decided to fully commit her life to the Lord and raised her shoe (and boot 🤘🏽) for the call to missions. We then danced around the room together in celebration for what the Lord had done that night; He gave her a fresh breath of His presence. 📷: @janaliwest

I want to have eyes of love

I want to have eyes of love

Count the beggar man’s life precious as my own

Offer my back for my brother’s load

I want to have eyes of love

I want to have eyes of love -Birdtalker
Jesus, thank you for being the compassionate one when all you experienced was hatred. Thank you for calling out the beauty in each person and bridging that gap between the Father and us. Thank you for giving me the eyes of your heart to chase after the one. There’s something so special about continuing to press in and pray with someone just to see their breakthrough; to see freedom. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you are so so good ❤️

||Woman of Wonder|| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Meet Mads:
• She walks in the authority of Christ
• She speaks truth into anyone and everyone’s life
• She knows her identity
• She is WILDLY obedient
• She loves daisies
• She never stops pursuing Jesus
• She embodies every fruit of the spirit
• She loves adventure and nature
• She’s my best friend
Mads I hope you have an amazing day and are reminded how treasured and cherished you are! I love you a lot! ❤️ P.S I think we’re due for another traveling extravaganza🤘🏽

Tour Leg 1 has officially come to a close! I am undone by Gods faithfulness. THE NORTHEAST IS SO HUNGRY FOR MORE OF JESUS! The 20+ individuals in the last photo (we also had some fiery ones join us throughout the month 😉) are the most tender-hearted people I have had the privilege to run with. We have seen countless individuals come to know the love of Jesus and be physically healed. And ALL glory goes to God!! A more in-depth update about this past month is explained in my blog so if you have a few minutes, click the following link! I’m stoked to see what God has in store for second leg but until then I’ll be in Illinois this month and I’d love to fill you in on all of the wild stories! Just contact me! If you have never received an email and want to stay updated with what Jesus is doing on college campuses across the nation, comment below or dm me! Love you all ❤️❤️❤️ •

https://obedientsurrender.wordpress.com/ •

📷: @janaliwest & @sydloe

Thankful beyond words to be throwing down with these wild, radical servants; individuals who have come to the end of themselves in servanthood and still pour out love beyond their capacity because they have been so undone by the love of Jesus. ITS ONLY BEEN A WEEK! Collectively, the Circuit Rider crew has witnessed over 200 salvations and countless healings. But the most amazing and freeing thing is that it has nothing to do with us. Every person on this team has hit their knees in awe and reverence for God. It is the love of Jesus that breaks through because it is without condition. Someone seemingly so far from God is actually the closest to Him. Blessed by a group of people who are so willing to be among the nameless and faceless as long as they are carry the message of Jesus on their lips and in their heart.

•TOUR HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!• (6 days ago 🙃) With wild faith, we were believing for healings and salvations at UCONN; God did so much more! Over 8 people made a public declaration to fully surrender their lives to Christ and about 6 individuals were physically healed 🙌🏼 Women found their voice to see their God dreams become a reality and countless students felt the weight of Jesus’ love for them. Stoked to see more of what God wants to pour out on these campuses and how He’s calling students into active faith! More insane updates to come in the next few days! ❤️❤️❤️ #carrythelove #bravelove #circuitriders 📷: @janaliwest

After 8 tries, we realized looking “cute” wasn’t our forte... Merry Christmas from my weirdos to yours ❤️ •

p.s apparently dad is still a part of the mob 🤷🏽‍♀️

Trying to avoid the snow like... #bangsshoes #BANGSblitz

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