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Marla Michau  saved by grace. I love; being justin's girl & momma to 3 sweet babes, coffee, outdoor adventures, eating good foods, creating our homestead. see:


My baby turned 3 today. And her big sister could not be more excited (loooooves birthdays)! My sweet Essie girl.. the most perfect mix of sass & sweet. Always trying to match her momma. Always picking out bold patterns & colors. Always doing it all by myself! Always making us laugh. Always keeping me on my toes. Happy birthday tiny Telle. 🌈

Fact: Down syndrome is not a burden on our family or for Fabienne's siblings. The fact that I even have to explain that or defend how wrong this is.. That is the burden. Today we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. Fabienne is a friend. She's a student.. and a teacher. She's a sister. She's a dancer. She's a wisecracker. She is my daughter and I am incredibly proud of who she is and the way she shows me how to love others.

It's not about being politically correct. It's about respect and kindness. Even if you 'didn't mean anything by it'.. The word retard(ed) is disrespectful and hurtful. So please join with me to #spreadthewordtoendtheword

This is what grace looks like.

Favorite store. Me, not them. Taking them in is simply a test of my patience and adequacy as a mother.

Took the kids to a playground, which also happened to be an ice rink with this crazy weather we've been having.

This cozy one room cabin has me dreaming about how small we could live..

A little hike in our backyard this morning. This weather! ☼

We brought our cabin fever here for the weekend. Cause fresh mountain air..

..I have been feeling pretty sick the past 4 weeks with cysts. SO grateful to be feeling better. ..I cleaned the mirror to take this photo, so thanks guys for the clean mirror. ..I went to the store to return a couple things & came home with this sweater. ..I was in the bathroom by myself. And a lil ginger showed up. Never alone. ..but she's going on the potty, so 🙌🏼

Tree is still up, because you see, it's just not quite as fun to take it down as it is to put it up. Maybe today will be the day. Maybe.

day before Christmas Eve this little lady fell in the grocery store & had to get 5 stitches. The nurse kept talking about what a great patient she was and so brave for a 2 year old. she really is just the perfect mix of sassy & sweet. ♡

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