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A year ago today Philando Castile was killed by Officer Yanez. My thoughts are with the movement and his family.

I'd love to see fam and friends on this holiday but the tragic irony does not escape me.

Can any Trump supporter defend this?

I had to repost this from @passionatelyopinionated

A Pew Study has found what, I believe, a lot of people expected. The world would rather have Obama when he left office, Bush after the Iraq War, or Angela Merkel after being in office for over 10 years, rather than Trump lead the free world.

It was an honor seeing Vick and Mariah Staley get married yesterday. Best wishes to both of you guys. #ForeverIStaley @brown_mnms @realvickstaley @gumpshun_1 @abmosley @joy_ishername @w_ess_kay @bamarlow @bigcountry40oz @misslasha

The US plays with Arab lives like monopoly pieces. #DemocracyNow #Empire #Disgrace

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