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Hopefully time will point us in the right direction. Call me John Mayor because I'm #WaitingOnTheWorldToChange

Incase anyone missed it Pres. Trump claimed that he talked to the "President of the Virgin Islands" which hints that he doesn't realize that the Virgin Islands is a part of the US. This is the commander a cheif. Think about that.

Trump can't be baby sat because he's the "leader" of the country, but ESPN can suspend an off duty analyst for her veiw points.

Sun peaking through the woods just right.

Sun peaking through the woods.

In a nutshell

Way to end the season! #HereWeGo #PITvsCAR #CARvsPIT #KeepPounding

Looks like CNN interviewed a not so nice #ClimateRefugee

This guy...

While conversing with another IG account I asked who they thought was a better President Obama or Trump. He dodged the question saying that they both suck and proceeded to bring up Clinton and Bush. I told him that he is on the wrong side of history and that Obama would go down as one of the best presidents and that Trump would go down as the worse. I'm not even a fan of Obama's and I can see this. This leads me to believe that the only reason an adequately informed person would put Trump and Obama on an even playing ground is racism. If I missed something let me know.

Stay Woke my friends.. RIP Sick Gregory

AntiFa always ruining fascist people free speech. Where Steve Bannon? I do see Steve Bannon... Do Nazi Steve Bannon.

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