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Jamie Vu  Jamie 재민 Originally from Brisbane, Australia 🇦🇺 🙋🐳🐬

Special Affair - The Internet/ Isabelle Choreography

저에게 되게 소중한사람 수업을 하다니 아직 실감이 안나네요. 너무 행복하고 자랑스러워서 다들 잘 지켜봐주세요. 이샛별님이 아직 시작도 안했습니다 🔥🔥🔥
I still dont believe it that someone this amazing person has started to teach class at 1Million. Make sure you keep an eye out for her because she has alotttt more to show.
Oh and i was trying to be less extra for once.
Dancing with baes @aims_lee_ and @charlotte_yun_
#1milliondancestudio #1million #isabelle #1m #isabellechoreography #theinternet #specialaffair #춤 #댄스 #tryingtobelessextra

After months of stress, research and thinking, today, a new journey of my life starts. The uncertainess is intoxicating but might as well embrace it then let it consume me. Lets see what happens. 퐈이팅하자 ㅋㅋㅋ

(👉👉 for more pics)

제 원밀리언 시간을 즐겹고 소중하게 만들었던 강사분들과 스탭분들께서 진심 감사드리고싶습니다. 1년반동안 저를 챙겨주시고 사랑해주고 응원해줘서 너무나 감사해요. 저에게 많이 가루치시고 춤에관론된거만 아니라 삶과인간에 대해 많이 키워줘서 많이 배우고가는거에요. 이제 한국 떠났는데도 평생을 다시안보는거 아니라서 다음 보게 될때 더 좋은사람, 좋은댄서로 뵈도록 하겠습니다. 그동안 아프지 마시고, 다치지 마시기 행복하시기 바래요!! 보고싶을게요~~. 사랑합니다!! ❤️
(옛날사진으로 쓰는 소리쌤, 효진쌤과 가쒸쌤, 다시 못찍어서 넘 아쉽고, @mayj517 쌤과 @junsunyoo 쌤과 아예 사진 못찍어서 ㅠㅠㅠ 😢😢)
To the people that made my 1Million journey the best part of my life, thankyou for taking care of me and i love you~~

Work - Rihanna ft. Drake / Mina Myoung Choreography

Honoured to have learned Work as my last Mina class. Always was a pity that i never got to learn it but finally had the chance to just go crazy and enjoy it. This class was just complete fun.
마지막 @minamyoung 수업은 이안무로 배웠으니까 너무 좋앗어요. ㅋㅋ 오랫동안 배우고싶은안무라서 딱가기전에 배우고 마음편히 난리나고 갔죠. 💃💃 옆에 있는 사랑하는 @_lee_si_eun_ 와 희진이 넘 재밌었어요
#1milliondancestudio #1million #minamyoung #1m #minamyoungchoreography #work #rihanna #drake #춤 #댄스

아는사람은 많고 모르는사람도 많을텐데, 제가 오늘 한국을 떠나가겠습니다. 2년반동안 힘들었던 외려웠던 행복했던 많이 느겼던 한국은 이제 추억으로 남기겠습니다. 그동안 제길에 같이 걸어갔던친구들, 선생님들, 동생들에게 진심으로 감사드리고싶습니다. 한명빠짐없이 좋든 안좋든 제삶에 영향을 미쳤습니다. 근데 저를 응원해주시는사람에게 너무 많이 감사합니다. 그동안 제가 많이 배웠고 많이 커졌고 애기에서 어느정도 성인되었습니다. ㅋㅋ

앞으로 제가 더 열심히해서 더 좋은모습을 보여드리도록하겠습니다.

안녕이라고 생각하지말고, 다음에 보자고로 하자.
다들 사랑합니다.

Some may know, some may not but i am finally leaving Korea. For 2.5 long years in Korea, ive struggled, perservered, cried and triumphed, but they are now just memories. During that time, ive crossed passed with so many people, and you have all somehow made an impact on my life. To all the people who have supported me, from the bottom of my heart, i want to say thankyou for everything. I learnt, i grew, and i transitioned from a baby to somewhat of a functioning adult.
From now, I will work even harder in the future to show everyone a better version of myself.

But lets not take it as a "goodbye", but as an "ill see you later". Love you all

Yonce (Electric Bodega Trap Remix) - Beyonce / Lia Kim Choreography

From dancing with her as Oriental Shock, till destroying me body in this 2 minute choreo, Ive come a very long way with Lia. One thing that has not and will not change is my respect for her. Never in her class am i not forced to push myself as a dancer and never does she let me forgot to be versatile. Its hard to explain the love and respect i have for her.💕 @liakimhappy 처음 오리엔탈 쇼크부토 지금까지 항상 쌤에게 감사하고 언제나 존경 많이 합니다. 앞으로 더 불태우고 열심히하고 미치겠습니다. 존경하는만큼 사랑합니다 🙏

그리고 미친 @jacob_low97 , @geon_gun_gon@jujung_is_queen 형에게 넘 수고많으셧구 다음에 더 불태우자!! #1milliondancestudio #1million #liakim #1m #liakimchoreography #yonce #beyonce #electricbodega #remix #춤 #댄스

The Ocean - Mike Perry ft. Shy Martin / Yoojung Lee Choreography
Memories are always beautiful to look back on. The rush of nostalgia to interactions, peoples, feelings. But memories arent going to lead to success. Success is based on how hard you work now, not in the past, so no matter the circumstances of the past, always look forward to the future.
사랑하는 @yoojunglee11 , @koosungjung , @hyojin__choi__ , @miseong_kweon 과 춤을추는거 다시 보니까 많은 추억들 다시 돌아옵니다. 그때를 생각하면 좋은것 많이 생각나는데 앞으로 얼마나 좋은것 더 따가올지 참 기대하네요.
#1milliondancestudio #1million #yoojunglee #1m #yoojungleechoreography #theocean #mikeperry #shymartin #춤 #댄스

Naked (Acoustic) - Christopher (Live)/ Eunho Kim Choreography

Having the singer there made it all more real that Im blessed with everything I have. Thankful for all the opportunities. ❤️❤
@christophermusiccom thankyou for coming and performing for us man. You were crazy good 🙏🙏 @eunh0kim 항상 챙겨주신 은호쌤에게 항상 감사하고 역시 넘 멋잇엇습니당 😵😵
#1milliondancestudio #1million #eunhokim #1m #eunhokimchoreography #naked #acoustic #christopher #춤 #댄스

Tiimmy Turner Remix - DJ Flex / Hyojin Choi & Mina Myoung Choreography

Bad quality video with terrible lighting but i just wanted to post this to remind everything to enjoy class man. For some taking class becomes a burden or a stress maker but taking class is suppose to be fun, no matter how you struggle. I need to remind my self more.
So i just remember enjoying the fuckk out of this class, even though im disappointed with the outcome of my skills, the memories of this class is unforgetable.
춤을 왜추는지 가끔 헷갈리고 고민많은데 수업들때 우리 즐김을 까먹지 말자 💪
#1milliondancestudio #1million #hyojinchoi #1m #hyojinchoichoreography #minamyoung #minamyoungchoreography #tiimmyturner #remix #djflex #춤 #댄스

So because i spent most of my day with her yesterday, this post is super late. (Also even though we always see eachother, we have no pictures together so ignore the old pic.)
Thankyou so much for being such a good friend to me. From the time i approached you in your first class cas you were hella dope to now taking your classes and being a stupid dork at the back, i always apprechiated you being beside me. Your wisdom, your knowledge and your experiences have shaped me into such a good person and without you, i dont know who i would be.
The times without you were hard. Communication was also hard. But they say that even though best friends dont talk or see eachother for months on end, nothing will change when they meet again, and nothing has. I dont wanna write an essay about every moment that we spent together, but they all mean so much to me.
Thankyou for being a crazy, 애교많고, hilarious and amazing 누나 and friend to me. Happy Birthday Girl 😘

Tried a new hairstyle recently... 🤔🤔 이쁘게 머리 해준 @withleesu 과 @송이 누나 감사합니다! ❤️❤️
#maybeishouldkeepit #damnittakeslongthough #wod #worldofdance

With my tattered up #summerjam pass i leave my 2 week Singapore trip leaving behind new and old friends but with so many new memories. I have learnt so much in these past two weeks and i thank @jamrepublicofficial for putting on this amazing camp. Not only will i work harder on my dancing but my mind shall keep developed into being a greater and inspirationl person. How i hate to leave such a beautiful city, i will see my friends sometime again in the future, whether sometime in the next year or at the following summerjam.
Theres a bitter feeling of returning back home, but i am looking forward to the bigger things ahead of me and where this confusing blessed life takes me.

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