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Jami Tikkanen  I'm a human performance coach inspired by those willing to go beyond the ordinary.


One of the highlights of my coaching year was to see @frederikaegidius back on the @crossfitgames competition floor.  It was a long time coming and earned through years of hard work and discipline.  This moment when Frederik and @bk_gudmundsson worked together like a cycling team in their race against @jasoncarroll89 on the cyclocross event will go down as one of my favourite CrossFit Games memories of all time.

@bk_gudmundsson came into this years @crossfitgames more hungry and more ready than ever. Finishing 6th this time, he has been at the top of the men’s competition for the past three years now. I know that being “one of the best” is not enough for him and he has the mindset, work ethic and physical ability to stand on the top of the podium in the coming years.
Excited to see how far we can go in 2018.

@rickygarard is one the most dedicated and hard working athletes I’ve had the privilege to coach. I knew coming into the @crossfitgames that he would make a name for himself but was left speechless by the courage and ferociousness he showed on the competition floor.  This is but the beginning...

Honoured to have been working together for the past 8 years @anniethorisdottir .
I never cease to be impressed by your growth, year after year.
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In May 2009 at age 19 I won a small competition in Iceland and won a spot at something called the @crossfitgames.
I decided to travel to California, mostly because I wanted to go to the USA, but it turned out to be the best decision I ever made.
This movement was what made me fall in love with the sport.
8 years have gone by, 2 gold medals, two silver and today I got my fifth medal. This one has great significance as this marks two years of struggle. Two years of doubts, questions and self evaluation. Two years of trying not to listen to the doubters. Tonight I put those voices to rest.
As a competitor I always strive to be the best version of myself and looking back at the last 4 days I left everything I had on the floor. I can go to bed knowing that I did all I could.
Now it's time to rest, recover and look towards 2018..

It is rare for me to feel satisfied with how a competition weekend goes as I tend find myself focused on what I could have done better to support the athletes I work with.  This weekend, the Meridian Regionals were an exception. Not because there isn’t room to improve (there always is) but because of the exceptional results the athletes achieved through their efforts.
To say that the Meridian Regionals felt like a success as a coach would be an understatement.
for claiming your spots at @crossfitgames
@thetrainingplan #thetrainingplan

By far the most rewarding Regionals coaching weekend of my career. I have never felt happier for one the amazing human beings I've had the privilege to coach than I did in this moment for @frederikaegidius
Your hard work, dedication and perseverance paid off my friend!
There's a lot to be grateful for. More words about the last 3 weekends coming soon..

At @thetrainingplan we talk about the concept of “baseline wellness”. It is a mental model to think about your lifestyle and movement quality as an athlete. We are essentially answering the question “what will kill you first if you stop doing it”, and using this as a heuristic to deduce the simple disciplines that form the foundations of a successful practise (for both physical and cognitive performance).
1. Breath well
2. Hydrate well
3. Sleep well
4. Eat well
5. Move well
6. Chill well
As you can see, the first item on our list is to “breath well”. Pause for a moment and reflect “how long can I survive without breathing?”.
Our brains are wired for survival (through prediction) first, and performance comes only as a distant second. Air hunger (that sense of being out of air and needing a breath) is a primitive fear and is perceived as a survival threat. As such it is a strong signal to slow down or to stop until we feel safe again.  Learning to understand breathing, it’s effects on your blood chemistry, autonomic responses, energy production and performance as a whole is foundational to your understanding of yourself as an athlete. Most importantly, building knowledge and understanding allows for application that can enhance not only your sports but life performance as well.
Understanding is gained through knowledge, experience and reflection.
If you are interested in understanding how you can do more with your breathing, go check out #artofbreath by @iamunscared and @preparetoperform

This sign made me reflect on what we tend to notice as athletes:

Too often, as we look around at the gym, in a competition or while scrolling through social media, we focus our attention on the result. More precisely, the results of the other athletes: their new PBs/PRs in training and success in competitions. We compare these results to ours, and think less of ourselves if our accomplishments don't match theirs. This is not important.

What is important is The Work. Instead of observing the results, observe the work that these athletes are putting in. Not "what" they are doing but "how" they are doing it. Their attitude, their approach, their discipline and daily practise. This is how they got those results. If you want the results, you must first develop your practise.

#thetrainingplan @thetrainingplan

I had the opportunity to sit down with @wemovemagazine to discuss my views and philosophy on movement. In this clip, we are talking about the creative opportunity that the athletes have in competitions

I see competition as an opportunity for the athlete to bring out the very best in themselves and to challenge others around them to do the same. Simply winning, without your best effort, is not success. Success at that moment is to push yourself to your limits, to your best performance, regardless of the others. If you do so, then the others will only have one choice to make: to follow your lead and find the very best in themselves or to perish in the mediocrity of “good enough” performance. You can only choose for yourself.
While the goal of training is to prepare and that of competing is to win (however you define it) they both represent opportunities to grow as an athlete and more importantly as a human being. Seizing those opportunities in all their forms is the essence of why we do sport: to become who we want to be.
Competition is the path, not the destination.

@thetrainingplan #thetrainingplan

If you want to learn to understand and maximise your performance on the rower, @cameronnicholgb is your man.
If you need to improve your rowing, you can find his work @rowingwod and as part of our Open preparation plan @thetrainingplan

Had a good time with the guys from @themindmuscleproject sharing some of my training philosophy and other thoughts for the first time.
If you're interested in better understanding the conceptual foundations behind @thetrainingplan this one is for you.

Hope you enjoy it!

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"If you look at movement, in a sense it's complex but it's really simple. You have a START position a FINISH position and TRANSITION in between." Ep 109 - Jami Tikkanen, CEO and founder of The Training Plan.

It's been a long time coming, but Jami is finally on the project! We talk all things training, coaching and programming and what the small differences are that cause the biggest improvements for the top CrossFit athletes.
Download and Listen link in bio.

Casual evening @crossfitreykjavik

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