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Pro Tip: To enhance your life and your joy level, add this song to every playlist you have. Couldn’t be more proud. Let’s keep it coming @c3losangeles !!!


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Check out this video from @culpriit I got to be a part of. Guarantee you’ll want to follow them on Spotify after you look them up. Great stuff. Good people.

THIS IS GOING TO BE INSANE. Don’t miss this.

You’ve got a friend in me. ❤️

In this life, I want to have the reputation of being the loudest worshiper in the room. The louder you worship, the louder others will feel they can worship.
Prepare for semi-long instapost...
Recently my fiancé and I won tickets to Outcry. When we sat down we ended up in front of this guy named Tim. Tim was the loudest worshiper I have ever heard and Tim had zero ability to sing on pitch...or close to it. God bless Tim. That night I experienced some of the most life changing worship of my life. I sang my heart out and almost lost my voice! Why? Because Tim set the bar for all of us. Tim DID NOT CARE that he couldn’t sing a single not in key. Tim was praising the King who gave himself up to save Tim. That kind of gratitude gives you the perspective to see that it doesn’t matter how well you can sing. Tim was giving God Everything! Everything he had. I will always so thankful for that beautifully passionate tone-deaf man. 😂😊

Maybe I should focus less on getting rid of my problems and focus more on loving life despite them.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I pray your dream comes to full fruition in 2018. When I wrote this little score I felt it represented MLK Jr. well by mixing a grief from past and current situations with an unbreakable hope for the future. I pray for “MLK” like hope in 2018.

This was one of the best adventures I have ever been on. Looking forward to a lifetime more. @daniel_waterbury @joseph_waterbury

What an incredible Thanksgiving! I caught a glimpse of what life is about to be like when my bride to be gets here! I'm so thankful for @ericodelle and @amberpooket as well! God knew what He was doing when He moved them out here! What a life we get to live!

The majority of our relationship has been me looking at Erin in awe trying to figure out ways to keep her by my side forever. I did enough problem solving and stayed persistent enough that God honored me with an opportunity to make it happen and I took it. I always thought when the day came for me to propose that I'd be nervous/excited/in shock... truth is... I've never felt more stable in a decision and in the afterglow of that decision the only word I can find to explain my current state of mind, heart, and soul is Peace. #letsdothistogether

Sooooo @ekulinski and I have some big news. Haha!!!! More pics to come!!!

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