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Jamil Mirzoyev  Horizontally challenged photographer & a daddy of an awesome little boy named Maks. Oh and I have a hot wife!📷👪🇿🇦 +994504272020

When the wifey isn’t at home or on some usual “shopping for shoes” spree and I have to warm up food. My love for this machine #samsungaze and its ability to keep my food warm is everlasting. BTW.. does everyone try compete a task before the microwave hits 00:00?? #samsungsuperailesi #samsungazerbaijan #microwavelover #yesmysocksaredifferent

Hangover - just God's way of saying you kicked ass last night! #littleMaks #hangovercure #partylikeits1999

And then one day we decided we were tired of sleeping in and doing whatever we wanted in a clean house, so we had a kid 🤪 #littleMaks #thatshitbereal #shoutoutifyoufollow

Yesterday I did nothing and today I’m finishing what I did yesterday. #littleMaks #lazylife #fearofsweat #newstudiodesign

I spoil her so much she practically sits on my head. But I do help the wifey around the house (especially cause Maks and I mess the most)🙈
If she cooks, I look after the little monster or if she baths him I tend to clean up the house.
Got lucky with the vacuum cleaner though, doesnt clog and is very versatile. Some amazing turbine technology they came up... and it just makes my chores SO much easier! #samsungaze #superaile #antitangle #lifeofahusband

It’s so nice we got it twice!
Теперь мы с гайнаной на одной самсунговской волне! #galaxy #note9 #samsungaze #gainanateamjama #ilovesamsung

How to stay together no matter what-
1. Stay together
2. No matter what

Finally done! Our awesome little video of our awesome little trip taken with my awesome little phone #samsungforever
Jordan we ❤ you! Thank you for such amazing memories. Will be back soon! #mirzoyevstravel
#samsungaze #note9

There are 2 kinds of people:
1. Those who brush standing by the basin
2. Those who take a 4min tour around the house.
Which one are you?
#littleMaks #pearlywhites #keepitclean #toothfairybitchbetterhavemymoney

Хей хей!! Я к вам с клевой новостью!
Зная, как любой родитель хочет запечатлеть каждую минуту взросления своео малыша, я вместе с Аидой и Верой решили организовать однодневный мастер-класс на тему фотографирования новорожденных и детей постарше!
Первую часть МК буду вести я. Буду рассказывать и показывать маленькие секреты по тому, как фотографировать малышей, и как красиво снять семейные кадры, которые даже спустя годы вы будете с удовольствием пересматривать (и вспоминать меня тоже 😉)! Вторую часть будут вести Аида и Вера и расскажут тонкости newborn фотографии и покажут процесс первой и самой трогательной фотосессии малыша.
Мастер-класс пройдет 21 ноября.
По всем вопросам пишите в DM.

Someone recommend me a really awesome song! Like really fucking AWESOME! The one that gets stuck in my head, completely new and is really lit AF! will get a FREE photo-session from me #ilistentoeverything #somthingtobounceto #updatingplaylist

Life is too short to wear same color socks! #littleMaks #differentsocks

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