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Jami  Cloud 9 at 30,000 ft. 🌤 just a go-getter, non-stopper MLU->MSP->BNA

Crinkly nose smile for the whirlwind that the past year has been🌻Thank you to those who have traveled along with me through social media, phone calls, messages, and visits. I’m focusing on making my 23rd year an intentional one, and with that comes reevaluating priorities. For the next year, I don’t want scrolling through social media to be my only contact with you. Help me be intentional in my relationships and commitments. Let’s create REAL memories outside of the ones crafted for the image. Call me, FaceTime me, plan a coffee date. Let’s make knowing each other count for more than a follow. I’m literally a plane ride away. 🥂 to my 23rd year around the sun.

The van driver said, “You keep coming back here. You must really like it or something.”

Flight attendant applications with my airline are open once again! I’m just a phone call away if you have any questions about what it’s like to work in this crazy industry.

When scheduling pays me to spend a night at home😭❤️💃

Another special happy birthday post! My mom, the ultimate mother, hit a milestone today (5️⃣0️⃣) and Sammy (the ultimate baby brother) will be 🔟 years old tomorrow! Show them some lovveeeee ♥️ I’m more than just a lucky girl to have @momof5rachel as my mom. Sam is also a pretty cool kid and was the bonus we all didn’t know we needed😜

I’m pretty sure this was the first picture @oliviaremsberg and I took together. In this picture we have two little girls who had no idea that they’d grow up beside each other. They did not know they’d experience years of birthdays, triumphs, and joys. They were unaware that they’d carry each other through failures, anxieties, and fears. They were just church camp acquaintances who loved princesses and summer reading lists🤓 But - here we are! Nearly 10 years later and I’ve been so lucky to see you reach so many milestones and goals! You’re a rare bird in the wind. I look up to you in so many ways and I absolutely canNOT wait to celebrate 🐪23🐪 in your new city. Twenty two may have been your favorite year up until now... but we are about to OWN 23!!! I love you, O!

I went back in time for a minute when I visited the little city of Jonesborough, Tennessee. ☁️

I loved getting to roam the streets of Incheon with these girls🔎 (junior holiday crews for the win!!!)

‪I jumped on the bed like a child after taking the picture. ••• I’ve been having a rough week as a FA & this trip was the answer to a prayer I didn’t know I needed. Only yesterday I texted two friends asking them to help me find a way to be happy in a moment of complete distress. I let myself down seeking a “perfection” that is insanely unattainable, and I found myself needing to ask for help to get out of the funk. ‬
‪Every choice I made and action I took seemed to be the wrong one.. and I mentally punished myself. But here I am-giddy; pure and unadulterated joy in a country I have never envisioned myself visiting. I worked a position that always terrified me on a plane I’ve never been on and ✈️loved it. ✈️God really opens your heart to new & unexpected excitements when you need them. ‬—
‪Reason for all of this? To remind someone else that perfection is so overrated!!! It’s a poison to people like me. It takes over. And it’s not real. (And call your friends. Pray. Gosh. Just tell someone how you feel.) ‬

Flashback to me being confused and not knowing what it meant to be walking on “King’s Road.” I get it now. #GoT

To say that I’m proud of @oliviaremsberg is a serious injustice to the emotions I’m feeling about her accomplishments. Today, she embarks on a very real but movie-quality adventure!!! @golin_global @golinnyc is lucky to have her representing them in NYC (and get ready for office visits from yours truly🤗). I love you so much, O! WILDFLOWERS ON THE RUN. 🌼 xx

I have a yellow couch and I now live in Nashville. Things are swell.

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