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Jami  Cloud 9 at 30,000 ft. 🌤 just a go-getter, non-stopper MLU->MSP->BNA

I went back in time for a minute when I visited the little city of Jonesborough, Tennessee. ☁️

I loved getting to roam the streets of Incheon with these girls🔎 (junior holiday crews for the win!!!)

‪I jumped on the bed like a child after taking the picture. ••• I’ve been having a rough week as a FA & this trip was the answer to a prayer I didn’t know I needed. Only yesterday I texted two friends asking them to help me find a way to be happy in a moment of complete distress. I let myself down seeking a “perfection” that is insanely unattainable, and I found myself needing to ask for help to get out of the funk. ‬
‪Every choice I made and action I took seemed to be the wrong one.. and I mentally punished myself. But here I am-giddy; pure and unadulterated joy in a country I have never envisioned myself visiting. I worked a position that always terrified me on a plane I’ve never been on and ✈️loved it. ✈️God really opens your heart to new & unexpected excitements when you need them. ‬—
‪Reason for all of this? To remind someone else that perfection is so overrated!!! It’s a poison to people like me. It takes over. And it’s not real. (And call your friends. Pray. Gosh. Just tell someone how you feel.) ‬

Flashback to me being confused and not knowing what it meant to be walking on “King’s Road.” I get it now. #GoT

To say that I’m proud of @oliviaremsberg is a serious injustice to the emotions I’m feeling about her accomplishments. Today, she embarks on a very real but movie-quality adventure!!! @golin_global @golinnyc is lucky to have her representing them in NYC (and get ready for office visits from yours truly🤗). I love you so much, O! WILDFLOWERS ON THE RUN. 🌼 xx

I have a yellow couch and I now live in Nashville. Things are swell.

•Out with the old, in with the new
•Goodbye #RichardTyler, we’ll miss red and blue 🔺

I wish this baby elephant knew how much I loved it when she showed her tongue.

This visit has been nothing short of life changing. My heart has been captured by Kenya in ways I didn’t think were possible, and we’ve been welcomed by so many in the most BEAUTIFUL ways. I am without words to describe my experience here. I do, however, have a few photos to share.
—The first photo is Pastor Francis, his wife, and his sister who invited us into their home to share their testimony and treat us to an African dinner. One of the greatest highlights of this trip.
— The second photo was taken on our way to the home of a woman we prayed over in the slum. — The third photo is a group photo we took when visiting the Women’s Prison. God is using our host Karen Dunham (second from the left) to shake Kenya. She’s an inspiration and is leading a revolution of believers in Nairobi. I am honored to have witnessed the work being done here.

Just like Elle Woods after she got her fashion merchandising degree from CULA and then again with her law degree from Harvard: YOU DID IT! 🎓🍾✨ I’m so proud of you, best friend!!

my layovers= me eating ice cream in a park + FaceTiming my friends for 6 hours

Thankful for you, friend. (And this photo that somehow makes me look like I have a tan 🤓) @oliviaremsberg

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