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Jamie Wells  The Fine Art of Jamie Wells. Mystified by God's faithfulness. Artist-Wife-Mother to 3. RISD. Surfer. Ventura, CA Email:JamieWellsArt@gmail.com

@txfostermom this post is for you! Get you hands on @fooddreamer ‘s latest book “Easy Keto Dinners” my family licked their bowls! So good.

My @jeremyjohnwells shredding at #leo. You are such a babe! Thanks for he best bday ever. #surflife #surfing

Strawberry lemonade cupcakes and hot coffee on a cold morning makes for a great day! @fooddreamer we love you!@jeremyjohnwells your so fun!

Love you @jeremyjohnwells and thanks for the ride @darthvanagon.

Bringing in my birthday with these campers.

So it’s my birthday and I took my A1 C test. Last year I was a 5.6. ( on the edge of prediabetic) I’ve been following low-carb along with Sierra for a year now. And I just took my A1 C and I was 4.4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that’s not success I don’t know what is !!!!!!!!!!!! Kicking A$$ and fighting diabetes! And Sierra is down from 11.6-> to get this 4.9!!!!!!!!!!! If you still want to donate to the cause I believe in, https://letmebe83.org/donate/ for the advocacy of better blood sugars, and we will send you a print of the painting I created, called “Let’s Make Waves.”Thanks so much love you all!!!! #Type1Grit #DrBernstein #LetMeBe83 #typeonegrit

She is fearless. #T1d #typeonegrit

I was missing @jeremyjohnwells and I’m ready to get @darthvanagon in the wilderness.

Went from blizzard to the beach. Getting our VitD on baby!

Here is the time lapse of my painting “Lets Make Waves “ I painted live at the @letmebe83 BLUE BALL. We auctioned off the painting to raise my money for type one diabetics. #LetMeBe83 #TypeOneGrit #T1D #Type1Diabetic #T1DLife #LiveArt #EventPainter #painting @bethany.mckenzie @fooddreamer

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