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Jamie Rainbow  The RAGE Bus Project: #ragebusproject . . . My art IG: @alltheragecrowns


Happy to be soaking in the sunshine with this gem.
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Jesus braved the cobwebs and fireants and disappeared into the dark abyss of under the Rage bus, where new leaks and broken bolts are discovered all the time! Todays project was installing the new rear shocks!! I'm forever grateful for my patient and loving partner in this beautiful mess of a life. I spend 24/7 of my life next to him and I wouldn't want it any other way. Totally blessed to have my own personal Jesus. πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸšƒπŸ˜πŸ™πŸ’ž
#ragebusproject #buslife #jesusfever

Happy to report that the bolt has been extracted :-)! Jesus is a miracle worker! I am indescribably happy about this! I can't tell you how many things have broken on the bus because of our non-existent suspension system. We are finally getting shocks!!!!! We will be riding on pillows!

#ragebusproject #buslife #diyordie

Today we are under the bus again. We got the new airbag on and ordered new shocks, but we wont be able to put the shocks on until we get this stupid broken bolt out of here! A bolt that holds the shock to the frame snapped in half and we have tried tapping it, torching it, and now we are drilling it. I've drilled out a lot of broken bolts, but this one is a pain in the butt.
#buslife #alwayssomething #ragebusproject

Today on the #vanlife side of things, the Rage Van got an oil change and a fresh caulk job. So many windows to fix on this van! I'm trying to find a creative way to build a window that opens in the broken window space above the cab.
#windowinspo #vanlifeideas #dodgetradesman #vancamper #campervan #vanconversion

I haven't been going inside of the Rage bus much since we've been back because a couple of birds decided to make my hat their spring nest! We've been watching mom and dad fly in and out of the bus for the past 2 weeks. Today i went inside to get some tools out, and I heard tiny little chirps! The babies have finally hatched and I am so excited!
#babybirds #springtime #buslife #babiesgalore

Pro #buslife tip: a notebook. The Rage notebook contains our legal papers, maintenance records, receipts, and a collection of unpaid parking tickets. We also have a separate Rage Contacts book, with endless emails, phone numbers, and art from the people we meet during our travels!
#ragebusproject #vanlifeideas #getorganized

My life has been so much easier since I discovered #Fleetpride. They switched out our incredibly hard to find airbag, no problem... AND they were able to source new rear shocks for us, which I have had an impossible time doing with this obsolete part number. The guy even whipped out a Flxible parts book on me! I was highly impressed. Excited to get this beast back on the road!
#buslife #ragebusproject

And the airbag is out! I feel so happy that we made a small step of progress today. This bus is directly connected to my heart, and fixing her will make my own heart grow at least 3 sizes. The hardest part is yet to come, which is removing a broken stud from the frozen shock mount... And then we get to finally get new shocks! πŸš†β™₯ πŸš†β™₯ πŸš†
#ragebusproject #buslife

Jacking up the RAGE Bus with our new 12 ton bottle Jack! About to investigate where all of this oil on the ground came from.
Please don't be the rear main seal
Please don't be the rear main seal
Please don't be the rear main seal....
#ragebusproject #iwouldcrysohard #buslife

Caterpillar love fest.
#springtime #caterpillar

Caught plenty of sunshine today at the Austin #greenbelt! I love this warm beautiful spring water, it's exactly what we needed on #nationalpupday

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