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Two days ago, on my birthday, I came home to a surprise of all my best friends sitting in my backyard waiting for me. We were surrounded by candles, and they each went around telling me what I meant to them. The past year has been super hard on me, and I asked to not really celebrate my bday this year.. and instead it became the best time ever. It isn’t easy for me to accept love... and they made me. And it felt good. Even my son got to witness, and what a blessing that is! @wakingupwithryan then led an amazing meditation and THEN I got swept away to @nikkiwhatnikkiwho house for a 2 NIGHT sleepover with my besties! I could not have asked for more. 37 has started out pretty fucking amazing. This is all thanks to @cutter_dykstra @lgmargolis @jogarciaswisher for planning this epic time for me.

Today we turn 4 months and 444 months , to be exact. Thanks for all the bday love. You know how to make a girl feel special 😊

Despite all the sleepless nights and stressing if I’m doing it right, being a mom has given me more confidence than anything else in my life. I love these 3 more than anything. Thanks for giving me the best job in the world @cutter_dykstra Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing hard working selfless mamas. I just landed in NY. About to pop a sleeping pill and sleep in realllllllll late tmrw 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Flew to Florida for the day with my dad to meet this incredible father, Andrew Pollack, and support @meadowsmovement The tragedy this man, his family and this community ,Parkland, has gone through is unimaginable. Yet to witness their strength first hand and how they use their grief for real change and light is inspiring. And the students wrote and performed an incredible song ! I am out of tears and will hug my babies tight tonight, and I’m so glad I took this day trip to spend with these wonderful people. In memory of the beautiful Meadow and her fellow students.

All clean.

Happy happy birthday to my best friend who is just one of my most favorite people on the planet. We love you uncle @lancebass Thank you for being the friend I always need.

#oldheadshotday sorry all my super amazing credits from age 10-12 were cut off.

I’ll take a compliment wherever I can get one these days... and I know a few #mombshell ladies myself. What’s even better, this limited edition tee supports the Alliance of Moms as they work to break the cycle of babies born to teens in the foster care system. @allianceofmoms #omazed omaze.com/mombshell

I legit just called @sleepshopconsulting to find out when I can put these guys to bed 🤪. She helped me find jacks “sleep window” so I’m not putting him to bed for 2 hours each night and keeping my Big one waiting! I feel like Netflix and chill for mama is just around the corner again.

#TBT to when I was tan, wore makeup, and left my house. I think this was the Emmys 2006. Missing my baby bro

My biggest fan. He took a long awaited shit right after this.

All my fellow mommies that deal with MS or anything that causes them to have to make choices they didn’t necessarily want to.. this is for you. I’m having to stop breastfeeding soon so I can get back on meds. The truth is, the toll of two kids and a newborn lifestyle is not the easiest on me.. and I need some help. What sucks is that I live with a disease that makes decisions for me a lot , and with breastfeeding I took SUCH pride that I was able to do something really awesome with this body that I am constantly at war with. This little guys tummy is struggling with the formula, and I KNOW we will both be fine, but I’m emotionally having to deal with the guilt and sadness that is coming along with weaning us both off this magical time. Any advice from my fellow mommies on how this can be any easier ? Xxxxx

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