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lost roll found two months later, sorry @layajean • digging how Fuji Acros looks developed in Rodinal • #rolleiflex + #fujiacros

i only took one photo of zebras and this is it • rollei 2.8c + kodak tri-x

hope the film turns out.

sweet yuca • she alone man. she alone could change the hardest of hearts. see you again I promise • bedtime. waking up early tomorrow to head to my next African adventure 🦁

godfried. I was walking away from saying goodbye to sweet yuca and he came flying up on his bike. I told him when I see him again he better be bigger and stronger. he replied "yes" like he did to most things i said. then I walked away and cried for the first time in years.

today I got to spend time with community health workers again as they went out into the community checking on families with malnourished children.

all of the chapati forever. bringing back some Kenyan recipes to Nashville y'all.


schoolgirls laughing at some goofy mzungu trying to take their photo on their way home for lunch

6:30pm • boys from various families spending their time after school together. the one in the middle gave me my 'otamendi' nickname.

5pm • my first of three family visits today. the @lwalacommunity has a huge emphasis on the health of the children so they can live past the age of 5 which is difficult in such a rural area. seeing these families with such healthy and growing children is a living example of their success.

2pm • sat in an extremely hot and muggy home with 10 women who are volunteer community health workers. they reported to each other their findings of the week and when tea was set out they laughed often even though I didn't understand a single word for 99% of the time I was there.