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Jamie Emerson  Organic Climbing, FrictionLabs, Island.io Economics - University of Colorado

@davinbagdonas in his element, underneath a newly discovered boulder in Wyoming. #bouldering #chalkmatters #frictionlabs @organicclimbing @frictionlabs @island_io

Wild day in Wyoming with @davinbagdonas hunting for new boulders, as we have for years. Today was memorable. The winter jet stream, funneled across the treeless plains of South Pass, howled over the ridgelines and through the trees. Periodically hunkering down against the gale, we made our way over a steep wilderness of rock. Projects dotted the landscape. Eventually we traversed an open section towards a massive waterfall pouring down a polished slab. All the while, and unbeknownst to us, a mountain lion stalked our path. The complex terrain had forced us to descend into a very low and vulnerable position. It proved too difficult and we decided to retreat. On instinct I turned and looked back. The huge cat, which had been moving up from behind us, was now just yards away. I yelled, shocked at its size and proximity and it silently moved past us. We found big tracks in the snow below, and it was obvious the cat used the constriction between the cliff and the waterfall to funnel prey. Thankfully we escaped, but remained on edge the rest of the day. I have spent many days on similar ground alone. Davin is one of the few who shares my sense of adventure, and it was good to be out there with him. #bouldering #frictionlabs #chalkmatters @organicclimbing @frictionlabs

One of Colorado's lesser known but quality lines, Thievery V8 at Three Sisters. #bouldering #frictionlabs #chalkmatters @frictionlabs @organicclimbing @island_io

Found and cleaned this gorgeous sandstone overhang back in 2011 with @chorvat9 The Black Roof, still a project...@frictionlabs @organicclimbing @fiveten_official @island_io #bouldering #climbing_pictures_of_instagram

Attempting a project in The Grampians National Park. @dave_graham_ later did the FA. Incredible spider rock on this boulder, some of the best I've ever seen. Great photo from my long lost friend @bearcam @frictionlabs @organicclimbing @island_io #bouldering #grampians #climbing_pictures_of_instagram

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