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Jamie Burke  Singer. Songwriter. Nashvillian by trade. Gym addict. Wine-o. Dog mom. Engaged. ******Video link below******


I need an attitude adjustment. Send me to the beach and don't let me come back until it changes.
#JAMAICA #ochi #sandals #beach

So this is my reality. #Maltese #reallydog

Just rub my belly and nobody gets hurt. #Maltese

Daily painting by God.

136 days until we do. @adamgarrettbrown

Kroger fuel points got me going back to 2000.

These photos are almost a decade apart. Look at this kid on the left. She thought she was weird, ugly and like nobody understood her or this crazy dream of moving to Nashville to be a country singer/songwriter. She also thought she knew it all and nobody was going to get in her way.
Who wears Cowboy boots to school? Freak.
Who draws stage and costume designs in class instead of taking notes? Weirdo.
How can you become a singer when you haven't even made it in to a single school musical?
You don't know anybody there or any idea what you're doing.
But she went for it.
This girl on the right?
Just living her dreams in Nashville-which usually means playing free shows and writing thousands of songs, hoping that just ONE will one day win a shiny cma award to prove not only that senior year dreamer right, but every dreamer right. #persistence

Briley couldn't wait to get home for nap time. Ahh ❤️

Happy first day of #summer indeed! Pool all to myself 🙌☀️😎

This really made me tear up. I am going to be hideous November 4th from crying. I love everyone in my life. Ahh.

Briley got to see her daddy for Father's Day ❤️

God knew that the only person who could possibly be the perfect father for me was this guy. When He was designing me He knew I would need someone tough, patient, wise and inspiring.
HE was designing a stubborn baby girl who would need someone to cheer on every dream and event that came around-which would be a lot because she would be the most right-brained, creative and persistent loud mouth-but still someone that would put her I had place and tell her when she's wrong. He knew I would need someone who always had the right thing to say and someone who would teach me to lead, be bold and brave, and independent.
He knew that I was going to meet a lot of bad, mean boys and needed an example of what a good man is to look out for...so that I could be on the lookout for not just a good man to date, but to marry one day and be able to picture being the same kind of man as my own kids' father one day.
I watched a lot of kids growing up who didn't know their daddy or only knew them as a paycheck. I thank God every day that He blessed me with my father.
This year is special to me because I am thinking about the CandyLand game daddy played with me, the first memory of my life I have where I was in an incubator and looked up and saw him proudly smiling, when I competed in the spelling bee and looked out in to the audience and saw him sitting so tall and proud, when we do radio remotes or sit back stage watching the biggest music stars performing, when we would go riding in my old Ford Explorer when I had to get my permit hours logged to get a driver's license, and the day he hugged me at BNA when I was only 18 years old telling me to simply "FLY"---because this year, I'll have a new memory as he walks me down the aisle in November. How did time go by so fast?
I am so blessed. I love you daddy. Happy Father's Day! @jcburke1981

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