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Jameykay Huffman  Jameykay not Jamey | Photographer | Lover of dogs and science | Realist | AVL | IDFWU | wife to @arliehuffman 💗 💌Jameykay@jameykayandarlie.com


Summertime bridals💫✨ I wish I could do more of these, but at least I collect and sell vintage wedding dresses so I can do my own bridal sessions 😭❤️❤️ @ashtonlsaunders makes for the perfect bride 💖 #jameykayandarlie

Forever cotton candy girl @kayleymull even with her beautiful new buzz cut, because she’s so beautiful inside and out 💖WARNING! Long post ahead!! I have done so many shoots this year, there are so many photos I haven’t posted, there has been so much going on that I haven’t shared, and I’ve been busy with work which drains the life out of that need to put up that notorious Instagram facade of “Hey, I AM working!” and the appearance that my world is perfect because I don’t know who my words will piss off or resonate with. There are days where I think to myself “I hope someone doesn’t look at my online life and compare themselves to me thinking I’m living in some kind of fairytale” and it scares me to think that’s a possibility. Our lives are our own and we tend to only share the good things or brag about some new expensive thing we bought or how awesome the people in our lives are and various other things that can and will make another person feel less-than. I’ve stopped caring so much about how many followers I have because I don’t want to live that shallow existence of being trapped in a high school popularity contest— I just want to make art and live the life I’ve been working towards. In two weeks I’ll be turning 31 and to all you 20 something’s out there who feel like you have to make it before you hit 30: please don’t set such unrealistic goals for yourself because you won’t find out who you really are until then. I was tortured by that feeling in my 20s and two weeks before I turn 31 I’m still working on knowing who Jameykay really is... and most days I think I’m pretty awesome and that I’m turning out better than young me could have ever fathomed 💖 To my 21 year old self: it gets so much better ✨💫

These two 😍 Jennifer and Shawn got lost on their way to the original ceremony location on the parkway so when the gps made up its own mind where the location was and wouldn’t accept the address on Google they had to make a quick call to relocate at the botanical gardens. So us and the officiant raced the clock and the sun to get from the parkway to the gardens before dark and by the grace of the universe we had 45 minutes of that beautiful light that only happens after the sun goes below the horizon. Despite nothing going as planned at the end of it they were happily married and said it turned out better than they could have ever hoped for and I might have cried when Jennifer told me that 😭💖 #jameykayandarlie

Editing Hanna and David’s wedding right now ✨ Their big day is yet another journey I don’t want to end but I gotta edit these puppies so they can enjoy them, too 😭💖💫 #jameykayandarlie

Loved Jen in this dress for her engagement session almost as much as I already love Jen 🖤 I’m trying to start posting more of our wedding work on here now that the action has died down a little and I’m happily editing at my desk! But of course be sure you’re following @jameykayandarlie for allllll the wedding stuff! 💖✨ #jameykayandarlie

Happy Halloween everyone!!! 🎃👻 Halloween to me is like Christmas to some people and let’s be honest, I try to make it Halloween year round with various shoots 👻🖤🍁 This year I used items I used throughout the year for shoots I styled to create my costume— check out my story to see it!! Happy haunting you guys!! 💀✨🦇 model @aislinfreyapax makeup by @missladylawless hair @zhenyalazarchuk styling by me

Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc 🖤 We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us 💀🖤 goth girl model @aislinfreyapax makeup by @missladylawless hair by @zhenyalazarchuk vintage dress from @shophalfawake styling by me 🖤🍁✨

Oh, October, why can’t you be 365 days long? 🍂🎃🦇🍁 seriously tho... 😁 model @aislinfreyapax makeup by @missladylawless ✨❤️

Beat your heart out 💀🖤Made some spooky magic today with my favorite team of women ✨I also made that veil and the flower crown I made with recycled leftover flowers from a wedding ✨model @aislinfreyapax makeup by @missladylawless hair by @zhenyalazarchuk dress from @shophalfawake flowers from @floressenceflowers

Let’s do all of the autumn things 🎃🍂✨ Sam and Nan taking a little walk through a little pumpkin patch on an 80 degree fall day but they’re adorable anyway ✨❤️✨ #jameykayandarlie

If only every day could be this magical and beautiful ❤️✨❤️Jacqueline and her girls are three of the most beautiful ladies around and I love them so 💖 I accomplished a lot yesterday avoiding the news and internet— I needed happiness, beauty, and love in front of me— so a whole wedding and a family session got edited and I smiled a lot and cried a little the whole time ✨😭😍❤️ #jameykayandarlie

How my girl @jfranquez does family portraits— the autumn goddess 🍂🍎 I swear I didn’t make those apples more red, it’s unbelievable how red they were! Jackie’s makeup by @escottthompson and hair by @zhenyalazarchuk ✨✨ p.s. my car was on two wheels about 30 feet behind me because sometimes there are gigantic holes hidden in tall grass that looks like even ground. Don’t worry Jackie’s husband got us out and my car was fine 😂😭😭😂

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