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Jameykay Huffman  Jameykay not Jamey | Photographer | Lover of dogs and science | Realist | AVL | IDFWU | wife to @arliehuffman 💗 💌Jameykay@jameykayandarlie.com


Hello, Friday! #fbf to springtime photo shooting with one of my favorite models @aislinfreyapax ✨❤️✨ I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the messages of kindness and encouragement yesterday after my last Instagram story. You guys love when I do me and I love that ❤️ It makes things much easier, knowing I'm doing *something* right even when it's really different from what everyone else is doing and expects ✨☺️❤️ makeup by @itserikaslife for @missladylawless styled by me and outfit available at @shophalfawake

Skeeball model @morgson1 ✨I always want to shoot at the state fair but it's such a difficult place to do that, and honestly so awkward no matter who you're photographing so I love there was an arcade that had all the stuff I wanted! Plus, that Kyle Petty shirt 👌🏼❤️ styling by me @jameykay

Black velvet model @morgson1 🖤 styling by me @jameykay top from @shophalfawake ✨🖤✨I took a lot of photos I love of Morgan so this will just keep going 😍

Somewhat a farewell summer shot 👋🏻🌸🌼☀️ I didn't want to let summer go but can't argue with this weather-- I can wear pants again now that it's not miserably hot! Yay for pants! 😂👌🏼model @morgson1 styling by me @jameykay ❤️

Empire Records model @morgson1 ✨❤️styling by me @jameykay and I'm forever stuck in the 90s guys ✌🏻

Shadow and light play-- thanks to @marie_killen for the idea! She asked if I had any doilies or anything of the sort and I just so happened to have bought a box of them at an estate sale not entirely sure why I was buying them. It worked! 🙌🏼model @morgson1 styling by me @jameykay ✨👻

Racing in the barcade 🏁🏎🎮 Did something a little different over the weekend, diverted from my usual outdoor backdrop cause I wanted some of that sweet sweet mixed light 👌🏼model @morgson1 styling by yours truly ❤️

#fbf to one of my most favorite shoots ever with @jfranquez modeling a dress by @lizwhitecouture 😍❤️✨ hair by @zhenyalazarchuk makeup by @escottthompson 🌵🌱🌸 Oh, and I'm finally updating my personal website-- check it out link in profile 🐲

Throw away your television 📺 (so I can put a beautiful model on top of it 😁) model @sandersmckenzie who's on her way to do some really big things with her modeling and it doesn't surprise me one bit!! ✨❤️

Black may be the color of 90% of my wardrobe but I'm still a sucker for pastel pink 💗🖤 model @kayleymull and the kimono is for sale at @shophalfawake

Let's pretend it's Friday so I can use the #fbf tag, mmkay? Flashback to sweet and talented Marie's bridals 😍💗 plus, I get to see @marie_killen on Friday!! 😆 #jameykayandarlie

@brianaalvarezz_ has the best, most genuine smile ✨❤️ I've only posted 2 photos the last 22 days... whhoOOooooppPppssS 😎 to keep my sanity I've allowed myself to let go of the popularity contest that is Instagram and stop giving so many shits about it. I just want to be a good photographer and artist, not popular, not watching my follower count and likes count with bated breath, not buying likes or followers to deceive people. What you see here is real-- I'm too old and I've worked too hard for b.s. to be a part of my art, so don't ever expect it out of me 😂

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