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James Zamora  I'm a realist painter b. 1988, teacher, husband, and father. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ.

An installation image from a collector. So beautifully styled. @bryantstreetgallery

Florals No. 14, Oil on Canvas, 2018 - available for purchase with @bryantstreetgallery!

I went back into this painting and did some warm glazes in the shadows. It added quite a bit the painting so I decided to share it again. Time for some smaller close up paintings.

My first aisle painting from 2013. It takes a lot out of me nowadays to make one of these.

My demo for Drawing II lecture. Charcoal on paper, 12x16”, 2018

Totally caught my baby boy as he exited his mama in the backseat of our car, on the way to the hospital! I’ll never look at the Movie Tavern parking lot the same way again. #drjameszamorajk photo by @asacredproject

My charcoal demo for portrait week in Drawing II. It took around 50 minutes. I’m going to draw another portrait tonight and show the YouTube video in lecture.

Florals No. 13, Oil on Panel, 11x14”, 2018 - I accidentally deleted the post of this painting. It was a fun one. The florals were painted from life in soft window light, and the arrangement done by Jordan from @flowergardendenton.

The end of the second session with this painting. I’ll make some finishing touches and some glazes once the oil paint settles for a day. The panel is 11x14”.

The initial block in of color and value on 11x14” panel. Floral arrangement by Jordan with @flowergardendenton.

An 8x10” painting I did for a group show with @bryantstreetgallery. Painting from life has this hypnotizing effect on me. Time moves fast and I’m sitting still in the effort to capture light and shadows.

A painting I did a couple of years ago. The last few weeks have been super choppy with time. I will soon be able to do some from life painting. Objects, snacks, flowers, some portraits (if I can trick my daughter to sit for me or a few friends haha). #sold

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