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James Zamora  I'm a realist painter b. 1988, teacher, husband, and father. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ.

The block in for this painting unfolded quickly. The two peonies were given to me from @everlyalaineflorals at yesterday’s wedding with @jillian_zamora_photo!

Detail shot of a new painting that will be in a group show with @bryantstreetgallery opening next month.

Someone take this out of my studio! It keeps changing. One thing I added was a made up hint of blue in the bouquet to break up the warm whites, pinks and yellows. You can see it in the far right above the hydrangea. This painting will be part of a group show with @bryantstreetgallery in July!

It’s time to finish. Painting from life has changed the game for me. I am so sick of looking at my photography and looking at my computer. This life experience is captivating me.

The first session for this 16x20” painting from life. A couple of more sittings and it should be done!

Florals No. 7, Oil on Panel, 4x6”, 2018 - newest post card sized painting.

Snickers No. 4, Oil on Panel, 5x7”, 2018

I’m learning it’s pretty difficult to “trick” people into thinking a skittles bag is as pretty as a flower. Of course it isn’t! But I do think the flicks of color that represent the scattered skittles comes closer. Ditching the bag and focusing on the forms that happen in the candy will be nice.

Skittles No. 3, Oil on Panel, 5x7”, 2018

A 5x7” painted from life this late afternoon. One more session to finish it up. I may need to go a bit larger to get into the bag a little more.

Florals No. 6, Oil on Panel, 5x7”, 2018 - painted from life. Swipe to see the few steps I managed to photograph while I was painting.

A new 5x7” oil painting in progress. The vase took me longer to render than expected. The painting will finish pretty quickly during tomorrow’s session. Painting from life is hypnotizing me.

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