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James Zamora  I'm a realist painter b. 1988, teacher, husband, and father. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ.

The painting keeps changing! #postimpressionism

I’m going to let this one breathe for a bit before making final adjustments. #workinprogress

I’m losing a sense of time when I’m painting again. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that. This is detail shot of a work in progress! At any moment I could change the way the whole painting looks. And that’s pretty captivating. #neoimpressionism

This is after the first session for a new painting. This painting will be a part of my new series I’m working on putting together. Swipe right to see a (very) short progression video. #neoimpressionism

Dusk, Oil on Canvas, 30x30”, 2018 - this painting made me practice to the maximum.

Floral Aisle, Oil on Canvas, 24x48”, 2018 - this aisle painting, as well as three pieces graciously on loan through collectors, will be part of a show “44 Artists From Texas” at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts. Thanks to @ro2art for helping me with this exhibition. Swipe to see the orchestral brushstroke details.

I have thought about my art and how it has been looking since I’ve started painting full time 8 years ago. And I have been learning how much I long for evoking an emotion that is greater than “I love that candy bar!” “it’s so realistic!!!”. Those were good things that fueled me for a while, but I feel a calling to become an explorer of something greater and far more beautiful. This painting is 12x12” oil on panel, and it was so fun to paint.

A new work in progress. Oil on 12x12” panel. Let me know what y’all think of the new work!

Breezes, Oil on Panel, 4x6”, 2018 - I’m having so much fun with this new series I’m starting to grow.

A new work in progress of a flower aisle. This is oil on 24x48” canvas.


In Blooms, Oil on Canvas, 12x12”, 2018 - maybe this time I will not wait two years to have total fun.

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