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“Home again, home again, jiggity-jig”

Rather than doing yet another interview about the Balance Mix, Deep House Amsterdam gave me the opportunity to write the entire piece myself - diary style. Those lazy journalists ;) Link in bio.

In my happy place @snowbombingofficial ♥️

The only blurry dark video I have from last night’s life affirming gig in London. Surrounded on stage by lovely humans seemed like a fitting end to what was a solitary project. Thank you ♥️ @balance_series @grandbrothers_

On the 1st of April I’m going to be playing an extended intimate set in London at Camden Assembly. I don’t often get to play long sets like this in a small space, so I’m seeing this as a chance to get on as early as possible and play some music that is a reflection of both of the Balance Series mixes that this night is a celebration of.

Come to listen, come to dance, come to shake hands.
JZ x

Tracks @eccofoul + @dystopian_vectors @camdenassembly

Another gig, another portrait... I swear this is not a regular occurrence! Too much love for Buenos Aires ♥️ woweeee

I’ve been told by my management (someone evil named Graeme) that I have to post this lovely Mixmag review (thanks Mixmag!) The lunatics at Balance now want to release A VINYL VERSION of the album.
It's something I never imagined would happen with this project and so I really have to thank everyone for supporting this release so much.

Rotten Tomatoes 6%

Link up top to listen.

Time to take this Balance Series show on the road. See some of you soon! 😀 Tickets in bio

Matching, T-Shirt, hair & CD Sleeve Combo. #branding #balance 029

So this thing I’ve been working on for a while was released today. Finally I can dry my hair.
Buy link in bio.

I got all inked up in Sydney yo... Thanks to the mad skills of @_minn3lli_ !
Thank you ❤️ If you would please just keep that somewhere in your attic for me then I can stop growing older. Cheers. X

This is the 'mix guide' for my @balance_series compilation (it comes folded inside the CD sleeve) 🤓

A big thanks to the artists who let me use their amazing music tracks ❤️

I can be seen staring forlornly into the middle distance & cuddling vinyl in the new issue of @djmagofficial

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