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EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT BELOW👇🏼Firstly, I think... we’re growing 😈 110kg, man like @simon.dieselyates wants me gaining A LOT more before we prep. Easy work 🔥 ALSO, I will be at the @fit_festival in Bath Somerset 18/19th August! This will be a lot of fun and something not to miss. It’s unique in that it combines a fitness expo with an outdoor festival! We’re talking live music, seminars from renowned influencers, strongman comps plus more! Make sure to get your tickets! See you there brahs 💪🏼 _
Wearing @broactivewear stringer

Bringing that sunshine vibe 😎
I actually can’t wait to get in some @broactivewear classic shorts that got sent the other day ready for my debut in classic Physique! I’ll be around 3kilos heavier this time though and if not more shreddy.

In my zone 👊🏻 talking about the selfie spot... 😉
This weekend has been amazing. Out in Chelsea last night for @lucyfitnessinsta birthday. The vibes were roasty and despite drinking a fair amount, I managed to stay sober towards the end, became the care taker of the squad AND woke up with 0 hangover! I blame the steak I had 10 minutes before we left 😂💅🏻 We stopped off at this incredible breakfast cafe where I ate so much I found it hard to walk but no shock there. After a quick nap of letting a few kilos of food digest, we hit up @nortongymwgc which I just wish I could train at more often as the equipment there is another level. I won’t be surprised if it can even cater for training your neck... or ears... or anything. FYI, I hardly drink, I don’t actually like it but it was a special occasion and I’m still off season so... there’s little room for pleasure 😂 I do get asked a lot in regards to fitness and booze, is ok to drink etc etc. The way I look at it, as long as it doesn’t fuck up your next day where you become a lazy shit, go for it in moderation. That’s just my opinion anyway 🤙🏼

2018 ain’t ready. 14 weeks left of my gaining phase and then it’s time to prep for 12 weeks to reveal what work has been done. 97kg on stage is the aim 🙏🏻✈️🇨🇦🇺🇸

Train them so hard that it makes them regret knowing you 😂😉
I hope everyone has had an amazing week! This is my current condition.... trollololol.
Nah but in all seriousness, 109kilos, only just getting started with my off season. 14 weeks left of mystery making and then we make sh*t happen. Last bulk, my peak was 110... I’m basically starting on that and I’m leaner than I was at my peak. Where is it all going? Well definitely not in my arms 😂🙄 Anyway beauts, it’s nearly the weekend. It’s nearly time to release another shitty vlog I can only imagine how insanely excited you all are...🌝 MUCH LOVE 💙

I didn’t choose the curtain life, the curtain life chose me...

This weekend has consisted of me and @brandonhardbody being declined entry to a nightclub for no apparent reason, eating 🍕, watching justice league, vlogging a lot and trying to get a filthy pump in this evenings session. Followed by a 🍔x2 🌝
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Our bodies are a manifestation of every tribulation we face in daily life. Every step we take, every weight we left and every second we sleep are the moving parts that come together and harmonise to create the physical appearance we attain today.

I forgot my t-shirt but not my amino pump 🤓#priorities

It’s all good and well until you have to buy a new wardrobe when jeans from your burger life don’t fit anymore 🤷🏼‍♂️

Few days into 2018 and we’re working. We gotta beat this, we will beat this. Whatever your goals for this year are don’t make them long term. Keep them short term. It’ll be easier to achieve. Small steps always each day, don’t run before you can walk. You wanna change your Physique? Instead of - “This year I’m gonna shift this fat”. Break it down - “This month I’m gonna lose ‘X’ amount of weight”. It’ll keep you motivated and focussed this way. Whatever your goal, stay consistent and before you know it, you’ve climbed a mountain 💯 I hope everyone has an amazing week 😘

Here’s a cheeky transformation Tuesday for you! I was around 70kg on the left, 94 on the right. Around 4 years between the two photos. Constantly pushing myself to new boundaries. It’s just consistency 💯 No matter your starting point, your shape, size or goal. If you’re putting in the work to change your life I admire you 👊🏻

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