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James Wedmore  👨🏻‍💻Former bartender➡️Multi 7-Figure Digital CEO 💸Transforming struggling entrepreneurs into thriving Digital CEOs 🎙Host of Mind Your Business Podcast

One of the things that I see new entrepreneurs struggling with is the lack of the support they experience from their significant others. I can only imagine how tough that can be, going out on a journey to create something that’s never been done, to work on something that no one else can see because right now it only exists in your mind, and I’ve DEFINITELY been there at times in my life. This is why I’m so grateful to not just have a loving spouse that supports me and believes in me, but is there by my side through the good and the bad. Today we don’t just work together, but we go on adventures and live life to the fullest🙏🏻

It's not about getting it perfect. It's not about making it the best. It's not about doing everything we can be from a place of being a perfectionist so that we can avoid criticism. I WELCOME the criticism and the feedback. It means I’m making people think 😉

Have you checked out Monday’s mind blowing episode with @lifecoachschool ?! Brooke Castillo is dropping some major biz bombs you’re not going to want to miss 😉
Listen to the full episode with the link in bio 👉🏻@jameswedmore or go to 👉🏻http://www.mindyourbusinesspodcast.com/podcast/260

You're too smart to be the only thing standing in your way. 😉 What's your next move?

Inside the Mind of an 8-Figure Entrepreneur with Brooke Castillo

I’m excited to be sharing with you my conversation with Brooke Castillo, the CEO and co-founder of The Life Coach School, as well as host of the massively popular show of the same name. You’re going to hear Brooke’s journey of how she took her business to over $17 million last year, and her BIG 10-year vision of generating $100 million annually! To get to the level of an 8, 9 or 10-figure entrepreneur you need to starting thinking differently, and the sooner you realize this the sooner you will achieve your next milestone, whatever it may be.

Have you ever wondered how an 8-figure entrepreneur thinks? If you have, you won’t want to miss this episode!! Tune into the Mind Your Business Podcast on Monday, May 20th for a real treat, as Brooke Castillo and I talk all things mindset, feelings, and what is needed to create massive success in business and life.


It's so easy to say that there's more you need to do before you're ready, that there are more dots you need to connect and pieces you need to put together. But I don’t need to tell you that there will never be a perfect moment when you FEEL 100% ready, but today, you can simply DECIDE that you are🙌🏻

Tell me what step you've reached in the comments! 👇

Make sure you're clear on where it is so you can get the heck out of it 😉

Why would someone go so far out of their way to judge and criticize you?

The fact of the matter is, people are focusing their negative attention on you because YOU are doing the things they wish they had the guts to do. YOU are pushing your fears aside and doing the hairy scary things they feel like they “can't” do. The way I see it, criticism is only more reinforcement that you're crushing it 🙌🏻

Monday's episode addresses a "fear" almost all of us have come up against: selling. I can’t tell you how many struggling entrepreneurs come up to me and tell me, "But James, selling just feels so heavy". What's heavy is the value that you're giving it. That PERCEPTION is heavier than selling could ever be. Ready to overcome it? 🎧👇🏻 Listen to the full episode by going to 👉🏻 http://www.mindyourbusinesspodcast.com/podcast/259

And if it doesn't, why is it even a consideration? Make room for what you want and get rid of all the rest, it's THAT simple!

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