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James Root  James Root // ④ // Slipknot

I know a lot of people got hit hard by Irma as well as the people in TX... Bill's place took a hard hit from the surge. Anything helps. Thanks people. 🤘🏼@bareknucklepaul ・・・
PLEASE READ: @blingscycles suffered an incredible amount of loss during the storm surge from Hurricane Irma. Bill and Buddy are ok, as is Denise, who luckily got out of town prior to the storm. But Bill and Buddy weathered the storm in his shop. The shop flooded with over 24" of water. Prior to the storm Bill moved as much equipment and projects to higher ground as possible. Unfortunately, the water came up even higher, in many places chest high. I have set up a gofundme account for Bill, Denise, and Buddy, if that is most convenient for you. The link is in my bio. They take about 10% of your donation, so shortly I will update with Bill's personal PayPal, as well as his mailing address. Additionally, as Bill's most urgent needs are relative to saving his customers bikes in his shop, I am taking up a donation of any decent hand tools you can donate from your toolbox. All of his grinders are wasted, air tools, hammers, etc. Even his bench grinders. I will have more on this shortly, but I will facilitate a truck and/or trailer making it's way from STL to Bills shop in Daytona. If you can get ANYTHING to us, we will get it to Bill, as UPS and FedEx will most likely be down for a good while. If anyone can get a supply of engine, primary, and transmission oil, as well as filters to Bill, that would greatly help. His oil drums were upended and wasted in the storm. Thank you everyone. Please repost as much as you like. #billdodge #blingscycles

Hope everyone is enjoying Day Of The Gusano! At the moment, I'm more comfortable here... #slipknot #fender #dayofthegusano #workitout #therapy

I really want to like this bike. I'm tryin' to. There are styling details that are fucking cool... I think the frame looks killer stripped down. But for me personally... I'll never be able to ride this bike. I'll give it a try. But I'm 6'6". It's way too small for me to fit comfortably on. That's one of my problems with Softail Harley's. ONE of my problems. I've owned them before. And even though this is an evolution of the softail platform, it's way more compact than the ones I was familiar with and it's not a dyna. It's just not. So. If you're under let's say.. 5'9" maybe this bike is for you. Maybe next time Harley. C ya. #mutant #tallriderproblems #ripdyna #fatbob #lostme #bummed #noonecares #fuckmyopinion #disgraceful #dotherightthing

Ladies and gentlemen... May I present to you, Kevin Allen. Helping me out with some guitar set-ups so I can get to work. Thanks Kev. 😘🤘🏼 He's working on my New George Harrison tribute rosewood tele. It's beautiful and sounds soooo good. Angelic. #guitartech #tele #fender #georgeharrison #slipknot

Check it... #Repost @mckeagart (@get_repost)
"Iowa Roots"-18" x 24" Giclee prints available of my friend @jamesroot available at: mckeagart.bigcartel.com... #theartofdarrenmckeag #darrenmckeagart #mckeagart #iowaartist #slipknot

One more day left before we ride back home... Not enough time. It's good to get away sometimes. Out in the elements. Free. So to speak. Had an amazing trip so far. And it wouldn't have been so if the company wasn't so rad as well. The crew is strong. Lazelle street. Between 8th and 9th. All kinds of awesomeness going down here. @helmetdivision @blingscycles @bigheadmotorworks @primoshelmetdesign really cool shit. Helmets, fishhook keychains, Mexican blanket rolls, custom lining, shirts... And of course, bikes made by Bill... (Check out the new frame) Anyway. No more blathering. Let's ride. #sturgis2017

When Rene's not lining killer old helmets and making them fit like 👌🏼he's a playgirl model and poses in front of @blingscycles latest builds. #manhammer #vato #vintagehelmets #customlining #sturgis2017 #choppers #sexhole

Ya see the craziest shit in portable toilets in Sturgis. Stay in school kids. #sturgis #slipknot #portapotty #shittersfull #thelegendarybuffalochip #ozzy #checkyerspellin #awesome

I remember my parents driving me up to Devils Tower when I was a kid. This is nothing like how I remembered it. There's absolutely no way a picture can do it justice. Maybe Ansel Adams could've... #devilstower #sturgis2017 #sturgis #wyoming #everythingchanges #allthingsmustpass

Days like today... Epic. #noneneeded

If I'm not riding or hanging upside down in a cave I'll be hangin' with the cool kids at 8th and Lazelle in Sturgis with @blingscycles @bigheadmotorworks @primoshelmetdesign @helmetdivision don't be a square there's cool shit here. #lawtigers #vintagehelmets #helmetlining #merchisking #ftw #choppershit #alwayskeepadiamondinyourmind #panhead #shovelhead #knucklehed #inmyhead #lawtigers #gratuitiouspromo

Somewhere in Florida. On a road. 3 ½ days ago. #enjoytheride #fxr #ftw #shutoffyourbrainenlightenyourself

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