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James Mcavoy 

#hisdarkmaterials coming soon to @bbc and @hbo #dæmonlove

These movies are at their best when they’re about family. I’m proud to be part of this one. Celebrate #xmenday and grab your tickets now to #darkphoenix in cinemas June 7th. Link to@tickets in bio. @xmenmovies

It’s back.

See you soon “Fucknuts”! #turtlepower

It’s coming. 🎈

To the incredible multitude of people who contributed to this very thoughtful birthday gift
I say THANKYOU. I Iove it. The cover is bang on point for this fanboy and some of the interior art is just plain disturbing/brilliant. I count myself among the lucky ones for many reasons but in no small part because I’m supported with such generosity and commitment by people like yourselves. Many,many thanks. #bestfansever #thisis40 #engage #makeitso #teaearlgreyhot

Cannot wait to catch @nicholashoult in Tolkien on May 3. #tolkien @tolkienmovie @nicholashoult @lilyjcollins

These guys killed it tonight. @sophiet @jessicachastain and @simondavidkinberg take bow.

Bill Denbrough rides again. Thanks for the birthday reveal @andy_muschietti I absolutely loved getting to sling Silver around your Derry. @itmovieofficial #it #it2 #itmovie #hihosilverawayyyyy

When she loses control,bad things happen. in theatres June 7th. @xmenmovies #xmen #darkphoenix #jeangrey

full video in @magnuslygdback bio Props to @magnuslygdback for what he did to me. Loved/hated every minute of it. We thought a big back was the key thing for this animalistic character and in the short time we had it weirdly seemed to be the part of my body that wanted to grow the most so that was lucky. Here you can see one of our days training in prep for @glassmovie we’d usually get this done inside 1 hour. @menshealthuk @menshealthmag @mens #workout #backday #magnusismymater

“I’m in with the IT crowd”.such a good time reconnecting with this great bunch of people. The footage of @itmovieofficial that @andy_muschietti screened for the first time absolutely blew me away...big respect man. #cinemacon #it2 #dobiegray #losersneversaydie #mixedmoviequotes

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