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James Lout Photography  Never Settle, for Less Than Incredible! Portraits / Pets / Commercial | Grand Junction, CO USMC Veteran Contact me! All the cool kids are doing it 😎

One of Jasmine's talents is art. She is an amazing artist and painter. She creates beautiful pieces painting animal skulls and bones. While this one is obviously not painted, be sure to check out her page @jasmineleej17 and see a few she has done.
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Jasmine is not only a Train to Hunt National Archery Champion, but as you can see, also does an amazing Wonder Woman.
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I seriously can't get enough of using smoke, Photoshop or not, in my images. I love the look of it.
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Cal nailed this hair flip, which I'm so thankful for. I haven't known how to flip hair since 1989.... 👴 😂
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2019 Seniors! There's still time for some of you. 😎📸🔥
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When Cal (@cal_hanly) said she wanted to incorporate swords into her Senior Portraits, I knew it was going to be a cool shoot. One of the swords had a couple of throwing knives with it which I wanted to add floating around her.
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Photographing band members is so fun. So many opportunities to be creative. Don't settle for ordinary Senior Portraits.
Relena @rolomister2319
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About 6 months ago, I had this idea to make a Game of Thrones-esque throne made of drum sticks for Relena's(@rolomister2319)senior portraits. It has definitely been a process creating this image but was worth the wait.
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One more of Kaleb (@swaggy_k_01) for the weekend.
Hope you all are doing something fun. I'm having a blast, editing lol.
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I've been having so much fun with smoke brushes on these Senior Sessions. I wonder what type of Photoshop brush create I'll next. The background was done in camera during this shot of @swaggy_k_01 then the smoke around him added in photoshop.
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Kaleb (@swaggy_k_01) with his denim jacket fit perfectly here. Senior portraits have come along way from when I was in high school. Everyone stood at the same podium with block numbers of the year on it. Most were wearing a turtleneck and cardigan sweater as well haha.
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Sometimes I feel like the way she looks here, running towards the weekend. Then I think, oh yeah. I work then too 😂
I seriously love my job. Especially these creative senior portraits. I could work on them everyday. I sometimes have to force myself to take a day or two off. Anyone else have a job like that? How do you ensure you give yourself a break?
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