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James Knox  Enthusiast. Dreamer. TV Producer. Host. Student of Life. Citizen of the Universe. Creator of INPUTV™ | Creating The Life That I Want.

#specialshoutout || Get there early! Get there early cause you know we love #FashionNova | 😂😂😂

Last night shenanigans with the fam. @sonyaeelise @simoneshepherd || Photo taken BEFORE @sonyaeelise fell asleep on #ParisIsBurning 🙄| #rude

It be the ones..... | #facts #amessage @teyanataylor

“When all people are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free” | #HappyPride #BreakTheCeiling #CutToTheFeeling #TheFeelingIsLove

Sometimes, looking behind you isn’t so bad. #Antigua | #marriedtomedicine #producerboots

Gang Gang got the 🔨 and the 🔧!! | Me and @dr_heavenly down to Miami! Good times! | #marriedtomedicine #producerboots

#Atlanta I’m Backkkkkkkk!!!! By POPULAR DEMAND!!! This has never felt so good!! Let’s knock another one out of the park! #marriedtomedicine #producerboots

Just out here, you know.......living gracefully. #thottingandbopping

As I bring this season of The Real Housewives of New York City to a close, I look back over these 5 months and realize that I am incredibly proud of the experience that I have had here. While I thought this show was taking a lot out of me, I now realize that it was actually instilling a lot in me and teaching me in ways that I could have never imagined. Life isn’t always “easy” and sometimes we are put in situations for very specific reasons and it is up to us, to figure out those reasons and be sure we use them as opportunities to grow. I have done that. So as I move on to my next show, I am grateful for my experience here because I leave here stronger, wiser and just all around better; and that’s truly all I can ask for. Season 10 is iconic and I can’t wait for the world to witness what our team has done with this one! | #producerboots #biggerpicture #grateful #rhony

Three words to describe this season, DYNAMIC, BOLD, ICONIC!! Be sure you tune into the SEASON TEN premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City, April 4th at 9pm only on @bravotv! We did our thing this season!! Just wait and see! 😊😉| #producerboots #rhony #bravo

“Don’t count out....The Countess” | @countessluann Luuuuuu I love me some youuuuuuu! You never cease to amaze me and I couldn’t be more proud of you! You had one HELL of a season and you emerge with elegance, grace, dignity. You are the real deal and inspire me more than you know. Love you to pieces!! Right?! Right. | #excuseme #rhony #bravo #producerboots

“There’s nothing grey about my gardens” | What a season right?! @sonjatmorgan I am so grateful to have had you inject non-stop laughter into my life over these past few months. It’s literally been a blast and I love me some you!! | #rhony #sonjamorgan #bravo @bravoandy #producerboots

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