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James Goll  Father to 4 & Grandpa to 6, Author, International Speaker, Life Language Trainer. Lover of Jesus & Lives in TN.


"MUSIC speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul." Other than God and family, music is my greatest love. #thepowerofmusic #lifeisgood #godspeaks #godencounters #poetry #godways #healingvirture

"The Greatest Key To Hearing God's Voice Is Cultivating A Love Based Relationship." Quote from my latest book, Hearing God's Voice Today. Book, Study Guide, DVD & CD and everything also in a digital format plus entire curriculum kit available at Jamesgoll.com. Foreword by Kris Vallonton. #hearinggodvoice #destiny #supernaturalculture #godsword #godways #truthspeaks

Another round of Anki Overdrive with Pearl & Tyler Goll at my home in Franklin! This is fun & I know it!!! They got me squeeling.... Ha!!!!!@pearl_goll @lordgoll @jamesgoll #offtotheraces #funtimes #destiny #lifeisgood #saturdayfun #guesswhowon

My coffee cup this morning, that I chose from my collection, says, "Lord Have Mercy!" I am attempting to relearn how to cook! But I am hungry for an old family favorite that I have not had in at least a decade: Eggs in a Frame. So it is organic eggs in a low glycemic organic Sprouted Bread (no sugar) with garlic peppered on it. Brings back good warm memories and I LIKE IT! Bam! #saturdayfun #blessings #lifeisgood #healthywealthyandwise #amicrazyorwhat #lordhavemercy

"This is my worried face. Yes, I have struggles, but my God is bigger than any problem I have." Every now and then, I like to post a cartoon! I am home this weekend in the middle of an intense anti inflammatory regimen. So I am pulling a "plot shift" adopting this attitude right now! Who wants to join me? #keystolife #lifeisgood #saturdayfunny #godencounters #plotshift #blessings #waysofgod

"When someone is going thru a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million, empty words." This is a principle in my past I did not comprehend. But when I went thru 13 years of trauma, so many unsolicited voices accused me of things I had never even thought of doing. For a long season, I was surrounded by "Job's unfriendly friends." This was one of the most difficult things I had to bear. Eventually I realized, beneath the lack of wisdom, were some sincere caring souls, who just wanted me well. I learned to bless and pray for these misguided people. Today, I give my remedies much slower. The art of listening is an amazing healing tool. I am not there yet, but I pull my trigger a lot slower today. Thanks for listening to part of my journey. Blessings to each and everyone of you! #supernaturalculture #blessings #keystolife #sermononthemount #waysofgod #theartoflistening

Wonderful to get such a glowing endorsement from Randy Clark on my newest book Hearing God's Voice Today. Tell others about this practical tool available at JamesGoll.com or at Amazon. Blessings to You! #greatbook #hearinggod #godencounters #godsvoice #blessings #supernaturalculture

"Greater Love Has No One Than This: To Lay Down One's Life For One's Friends. John 15:13" When I saw this picture, it just touched a soft spot in my heart. Being a man who lived most his life in the country, I have always loved nature. Even today, living in a suburbanized section of Franklin, TN, I get the joy of watching squirrels dance on top of my backyard fence. Creation speaks of the wonders of God. So Blessings to You this lovely February evening! #blessings #godsword #creationspeaks #godencounters @krissarnold1 #godsways

"Fight all your battles on your knees." I have stated it before, but I start every day by an act of worship and dependency by kneeling before the Lord, our maker. Worship means to bow before! #worshipthelord #destiny #godencounters #prayerstorm #prayerworks #jesusislord

"Growing Closer to God is not the Result of Trying Harder, but of Surrendering More." When we humble ourselves grace is always multiplied. #godsways #destiny #truthspeaks #godencounters #prayerstorm #graceworks

"Those who cry out for justice without hearts oiled by love become like the beast they're trying to destroy." Hate and prayer are like water and oil; they just never mix together well! But compassion mingled with intercession will change the one praying. #spiritualwarfare #prayerstorm #compassionacts #godencounters #truthspeaks #sermononthemount @thecall @louengle

"I asked God, "Who am I?" He answered, "You are mine!" This is one of the deepest expressions of true love. Today, while wonderful, endearing couples share their love, appreciation and affections for one another on Valentines Day, I want to share something with the rest of the "single population". Whether you have never been married, in waiting, been divorced, separated, widowed, suffered anguish or relish contentment, let me share a thought with you. The Bible says: "You Are Not Alone!" I am doing this simple post this evening to let you know: "You Are Not Forgotten! You Are Not Forsaken!" In fact, our Father is an equal opportunity lover! Yes, He really is! You Are Not Alone! #destiny #godencounters #godislove #lifeisgood #godisgood #beloved #truthspeaks