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James Goll  Father to 4 & Grandpa to 7, Author, International Speaker, Life Language Trainer. Lover of Jesus. My new album, Never Alone now available at iTunes.

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With just a few days left to register, we already have over 4,000 people registered for my upcoming webinar: Shield's Up! There is limited space inside the live webinar, but everyone who registers will also receive access to the replay. In this session, I will share how you can create a shield of prayer around those you love and with whom God has strategically placed you. It is vital in this season that we stand strong against the enemy and actively engage in prayer for every area of our lives. I hope you will join me. You can sign up now at JamesGoll.com.

I have a deep love and appreciation for the old hymns. One the reasons is the depth of the scripturally based lyrics let lone the classic four part harmonies. It does not get any better than “What a Friend We Have in Jesus!” What’s one of your favorite hymns? #greatsongs #greathymns #greatlyrics #ilovetosing

One of the reasons my Family up rooted from our beloved Kansas City to Nashville, TN was the prayers of this man, David Fitzpatrick, and many others like him. Today, at The Meltdown, two dear friends sat next to each other and seek the Lord together again for the welfare of this city, state and nation for such a time as this! @davidjfitzpatrick @jamesgoll @godencounters #awakening #revival #comeagainholyspirit

Have you ever needed to know which way to turn—what choice to make? Have you sometimes wished for a personal appointment with the man Christ Jesus, so He could tell you everything you want to know? Jesus said it is better that He was going away. That's because He knew that the Holy Spirit would become our personal private tutor in a way that Jesus could not if He remained. My latest blog will encourage you to access this 24-7 guidance by strengthening your relationship with the Holy Spirit. You can read it now at http://JamesGoll.com.

Another Legend, Aretha Franklin, Has Departed this World. This opening photo perhaps says it best: SHE’S HOME! The Queen of Soul with Black Gospel roots is now in the Arms of Her Savior. Sing On Aretha! Sing On! I wonder what the choirs in Heaven sound like now!

When we stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ in eternity we will not be judged according to our ethnic background or the pigmentation of our skin. We will each give an account for the deeds we have done. Our heavenly rewards are not determined by our hair, eye or skin color, but we will each be asked the question, “Did we learn to love?” I went thru three intense bouts with cancer and have battled other major health issues that could have taken me out. I am so grateful that my life has been extended multiple times. I soberly realize I have been given an opportunity on this side to get some things right allowing me to pass the test on the other side. My goal was once “to be right!” My goal now is to exhibit the character of Christ. Now abides three things: faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love from a pure heart. “Our Skin Color Does Not Define Us, Our Actions Do.” #godsways #godislove #mercy #awakening #fruitofthespirit

Recently I posted a graphic of the U.S. flag. I was not attempting to take sides on an issue that is deeply dividing our nation. I am sorry to any and all people I may have hurt or offended. It was not my intention. I want to be an agent of faith, hope and love - not an agent of prejudice, strife and division.

I have taken the post down as it was being interpreted that I was making a statement that was not my intent. I apologize for any act of insensitivity. Forgive me please.

At the same, I also want to make an appeal that we BE KIND to one another. I do not use social media as a platform for stirring up strife and I will not permit others to do that on my platforms as well.
Let LOVE be our Aim!
James W Goll

“Listening Party” tonight at the Brentwood Skate Center with Fleurie. Her music is beyond stellar, it is presence saturated, unique, beautiful, haunting and captivating. Check Fleurie on You Tube and iTunes. Another jewel of the Lord called to touch the world for Jesus Christ sake. #worshipandthearts #godsways #brilliant #propheticinsight

Happy 2nd Birthday to Ruby Tucker, daughter of @racheltherenee @mckendreeaugustas little girl and one of my seven grandchildren. She is adorable! @jamesgoll #gramps #opa #happybirthday

August 30th, Bridgestone Arena! It’s coming!!

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