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James Goll  Father to 4 & Grandpa to 7, Author, International Speaker, Life Language Trainer. Lover of Jesus & Lives in TN.


"God Will Restore What Has Been Lost!" I have committed my life to walking in this truth. If you need help in your journey, consider my transparent book, Finding Hope - rediscovering life after tragedy. Visit my resource center at www.jamesgoll.com. Okay? Blessings to You from James W. Goll! #greatquote #greatbook #findinghope #purposefulliving #godencounters #iwillrestore

Scriptures tell us that "everything that can be shaken will be shaken." Well, my life has gone thru some pretty severe shakings! But I have survived and I will yet thrive! If I have a key, it is keeping JESUS ever before my eyes, worshipping the Lord in all seasons and abiding in His Word. Yes, keeping my eyes on Jesus, "I will not be shaken!" #purposefulliving #godsword #godsways #wisdomspeaks #godencounters #prayerstorm #movingforward #keystolife

God is inviting you into supernatural encounters with His presence and power today. Why? God Encounters Are For Everyone! Get my latest book, God Encounters Today, at my ministry website at www.jamesgoll.com or wherever books are sold. This book will ground you in the Word, encourage you in the Spirit and inspire you in your personal faith. Includes key endorsements by Bill Johnson @brevived, Che Ahn @cheahn, Randy Clark @randyrayclark, Heidi Baker @irisministries and other modern day champions of the faith.

This Monday as I pray for you, I am asking the Lord to release new revelation and fresh strategies that will be appropriate for your new season. Amen and Amen! #mondayprayers #purposefulliving #godencounters #propheticinsight #prayerstorm #newseason

Great Are You Lord! So we pour out our praise. We pour out our praise. Worship today at The Belonging @thebelongingco in Nashville, TN. God alone be lifted up!!! #godisgood #presencefactor #godencounters #worshipthelord #jesusislord #comeagainholyspirit

"Dear God, I Made It Out Again Today. Thank You So Much!" This is me almost every morning... my daily routine! Kneeling with Thanksgiving! #sundayfunny #purposefulliving #godencounters #havemercylord #prayerstorm

"Don't Get Burned Out! Stay Connected To Jesus." In this period of my life I am learning new lessons from Psalm 48:10. One translation says, "Cease striving and know that I am God." Most render this, "Be still..." In my personal walk with the Lord, I have been forced into learning how to "let go." But now it is going deeper into identifying my trigger points that causes me to stress out, get overwhelmed or strive. REST is huge key. I also simply take time to kneel at my bed, humble myself, worship the Lord, give my day, my future, my dear family and global ministry to the Lord. I don't want to "Burn Out or Rust Out!" I want to truly "Walk in the Spirit." #godsways #wisdomspeaks #purposefulliving #restinpeace #ceasestriving #godencounters

7 Practical Things to Add to Our "To Do List." Let's do this together and change our world! #godsways #purposefulliving #godencounters #charactermatters #godsword

"God is still writing your story. Don't let go of your faith because of what you have yet to see." Don't let go of your faith because of what you have already seen as well. In fact, don't let go of your faith. Rather, keep your faith focused on the eternal reality that God is ever present - oh, and that God is Good - Yes, All the Time! #godisgood #godencounters #godsways #purposefulliving

Proverbs 28:24 states, "There is one that sticks closer than a brother." I always wanted a brother. Then came Jesus. The End. . . #godisgood #godsword #mybrotherjesus #compassionacts #godencounters #prayerstorm

God Encounters Are For Everyone! Right? In this latest release, you will learn about Being Changed by His Presence, Dream and Vision Encounters, Angels Today, Spiritual Warfare Experiences, How to Survive and Thrive in the Storms of Life and much more. Visit my website at jamesgoll.com for our monthly special on God Encounters Today! Hey, the Foreword is written by Bill Johnson also. #godsword #godencounters #godisgood #prayerstorm #compassionacts #faithwalk #supernaturalculture

GOD IS BIGGER THAN _________! (You fill in the blank.) #godsword #godencounters #godisgreat #supernaturalculture #godisgood

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