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Happy Monday Mindset (special day today with @danabarbourfit )

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Be Awesome. It’s up to you.
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St Pats Motivation.
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The Story of YOU.
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This man: @grantcardone changing lives.

I’ve been asked why I work so hard. I’ve been told to take a break, to stop and smell the roses, to take some time off, to relax, to slow down, to bask in the sun...on and on and on and on.

I see so many people with dreams and aspirations who have been told they can’t, they won’t, they’ll never, that they’re not good enough. That their dreams are pie in the sky ideas never to be realized by the likes of someone such as them.
Crushed dreams, crushed spirit and an emptiness left sitting deep inside.
As the years pass, the regret, the rationalizations, the unfulfilled hope is replaced by an dim substitute where their dream once burned so bright. This leaves one question: “What if?” What if they had taken those steps, followed their dreams, not listened to the paper tigers and people who told them they couldn’t and would never. What if...they had. What if?

What if your dreams could actually become a reality? What if you turned off the noise, surrounded yourself with people who care and who see your dreams and vision as a possibility rather than an impossibility.
Well you CAN.
Yes you will fall, yes you will fail, yes you will make mistakes and yes it will hurt and you won’t want to stand back up again. But you can and you will. The scars may yet remain but the lessons learned are invaluable toward your growth as you navigate the adventure that is your life.

Don’t settle for less that you deserve. Don’t settle for someone else’s vision of who they think you are.
You are powerful.

I work hard because I love seeing the joy in others. I love the passion and the power that is the indomitable human spirit and its ability overcome and rise up to meet the challenges that life throws at us elated me. THAT is my passion and THAT is why I push myself.
And as I’m flying through life at what some see as breakneck speed, I smell the fragrant roses, I bask in the warmth of the sun and I rise the next day with a fervor and commitment to make this day better than the one before for all mankind.
We have been given a gift, YOU have been given a gift. Push forward onto the summit of your dreams and reach for the stars because YOU CAN.
What if?


Hey gang. Please help the incredible @michaelcerveris as he raises funds for the Annual MS Walk NY. Direct link on my Facebook Page www.facebook.com/jamesbarbournow

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