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Wanted to send some love and gratitude to my homie, Luke Paron. He’s been helping me out by adding subtitles to my vids.
Subtitled videos reach way more people as most videos watched on fb and ig are apparently watched without sound.
Also, more obviously, it gives hearing impaired people the ability to watch as well.
Thanks for all your help @lucabratsii!
If you’re looking to hire a video editor for any projects, he’s ya man! And thanks to everyone else out there using their time and skills to add more good to the world. If you passionately want to see change, be passionate about helping to make it happen! ✌🏽

Holocaust: Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale.
Using animals for food is the leading cause of destruction and slaughter, with more victims in a single day than in all wars combined in human history.
It would be offensive NOT to call this a holocaust.
If you replace the non-human animals with human animals, you have recreated Auschwitz.
Where do you think Hitler got some of his ideas from? Death camps were built on plans from slaughterhouses.
So tell me this, you can recognise that it’s an injustice when it happens to humans, yet when it happens to other animals, it’s “the circle of life”?
No. This is the circle of unprovoked, systematic, normalised cruelty, enslavement, torture and murder and we breed more and more individuals into existence every day for the sole purpose of continuing the cycle.
“Holocaust victims WERE treated like animals, and so logically we can conclude that animals are treated like Holocaust victims.”
-Matt Prescott
“The vast majority of Holocaust survivors are carnivores no more concerned about animals’ suffering than were the Germans concerned about Jews’ suffering… we have learned nothing from the Holocaust.”
-Albert Kaplan, a Jewish-American whose parents’ families where perished in the Holocaust

Tag your favourite vegan recipe IG accounts in the comments below!

This is how a vast majority of individuals on Earth die. As you can see, eating meat is not a personal choice. This is also why you might hear the expression, “Meat is murder”.
Google “vegan dinner recipes”
“vegan food for meat lovers”
“vegan health food”
“easy vegan recipes”
“vegan *insert favourite food here e.g. lasagne”
“affordable vegan recipes”

Any question that you can’t find the answer to on google, ask in the comment section and we’ll all help as best we can.

Follow @bosh.tv for recipes.
Health info @nutrition_facts_org
Bodybuilders/strength athletes @nimai_delgado @jonvenus @patrikbaboumian @plantphysiqueandnutrition
Tonnes of great info @vegainstrength

Not everyone will cut out animal products overnight, but support and encourage each step. Most first steps are followed by second and third steps. And the path is actually shorter and much easier to walk than you’d think.

What first or next step can you take today? ✌🏽

“Do you remember what cheese tastes like, Carly?”
“Yeah it tastes like mould and fungus and breast milk.”
We met for the first time 1 year ago today! It’s no wonder why I love her.

Yet ppl still gonna say all we eat is salad 😂

“Lies! That doesn’t happen! Have you ever even been on a dairy farm?”
Yes, I‘ve been on dairy farms. I stood there and filmed while a newborn cow was ripped away from his mother. It was the first and last time they’ll ever see each other. Clearly distressed, she chased after him until a gate was slammed in her face, separating them forever.
We couldn’t save them, but at least we can share their story. I hope it inspires you to ditch dairy and choose plant based options instead (e.g. soy, rice, almond, coconut, cashew, oat, hazelnut, hemp milks and cheeses).
We can get all the calcium we need from plants (especially greens)! The only ones who need baby cow growth fluid are baby cows.
Please watch and try to put yourself in the animals position to help you empathise. ✌🏽
(🎥 link in bio)

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, it’s never enough? Like, you try your best but you’re not having as big of an impact as you wish you were? Same! Thankfully, I’m starting to see how unhelpful this is.
Thinking you are, “Not good enough. Not having enough of an impact” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you operate on that thought frequency, they are the kind of results you’ll get, or at least how you’ll interpret them.
Being positive is a practice and if you want to maintain a positive mind frame, you have to be consistently practicing every single day! This means using positive language, being grateful at every opportunity and focusing your attention on good things and the things you love.
Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, focus on what you can and are doing. Count every seed planted and be grateful for all wins great and small.
Remember, you ARE making a difference. Your choices matter and have ripple effects beyond what you’ll ever know. Your actions inspire and motivate others. Your words have the power to teach and help people heal.
Be deliberate about where you put your attention and be diligent in monitoring your thoughts. Substitute bad with good. Use affirmative words. For example, instead of, “I have so far to go” say, “Look how far I have come!”
You deserve to be happy and healthy. Drop the guilt for the things that aren’t your fault. The problems in the world are not your fault.
Let’s all take some time to appreciate our personal accomplishments! Think of some skills you’ve developed, people or animals you’ve helped or choices you’ve made in the last few years that have made a positive difference to you or others. Think of some of the good deeds you’ve done, times that you’ve grown from stepping out of your comfort zone and tough situations you’ve handled well. We could all do with being kinder to ourselves.
One day, it will be our last. On that day I hope each of us can look back on our lives feeling fulfilled and that our time was well spent.
And lastly, there is no shame in asking for help if you need it ✌🏽

This is one of my favourite meals. So simple. All the carbs. Deeeeeelicious!
Roast potatoes with bean stew (or chilli as you Americans like to call it), guac and cashew cheese sauce 🤩
The recipe is in @ellenfisher’s ebook!
For anyone who doesn’t eat carbs because you think it’ll make you put on weight, for many years I thought the same thing and avoided carbs as much as possible. No rice, pasta, fruits or potatoes.
I’ve probably eaten more of those foods in the last 5 years than I have in the rest of my life combined and I’ve never found it so easy to stay lean while feeling full of energy and eating the foods I love.
One easy weight loss tip is to stop adding oils to your food and cooking. The oils we consume are calorie dense without being nutrient dense (the definition of junk food). You don’t need to smear your pan with oil, you don’t need to add oil to your salad. Try cooking with water instead and if you’re eating out, ask them to cook with as little oil as possible, preferably none. It makes a huge difference! ✌🏽

I‘ve spoken to many farmers who feel terrible about sending the animals that they’ve raised to their death. Not surprising! Sending an animal who trusts you to be killed for money is the ultimate act of betrayal.

Doesn’t mean these farmers are bad people. They’re good people who live in a world where violence against other species is normalised, celebrated and deemed necessary by many.

Majority of people still wrongly believe they need protein from meat, calcium from dairy and omegas from eggs, even though every essential nutrient is found in plant foods!

Whether you treat them nicely or torture them before you kill them, killing is wrong and no one should have their life ended against their will. A lesser of two evils is still evil.

For any farmers who are considering transitioning away from animal farming for whatever reason, here are two resources to check out:

Again, no hate for farmers, I’m so grateful they are working with the intention to feed the world. I’m just sharing information for how that can be done while reducing huge amounts of suffering, killing, environmental destruction, human health issues and regain our compassion for other animal species.

Still eat fish? Contrary to popular belief, fish DO feel pain. Sometimes even more acutely than we can.
This is how our earliest ancestors would have fed themselves - by killing another animal and eating their corpse.
Don’t you think it’s strange, that with all the incredible advances in technology we’ve made, most people still choose to get food from the same savage process?
A plant based diet is the evolution of how we get our food.
A vegan lifestyle is the evolution of our ethics and compassion.
Watch the 14 minute documentary, SEASPIRACY, on YouTube to learn more about how important it is that we respect sea animals and the ocean ✌🏽

Ahhh memories. Thanks for throwing this together @livekindlyco ✌🏽

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