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Finally caught something :)
#gonefishing #fishing #trout

Remember when i told grandpa to smile! :) but now my grandpa is home with the Lord

My sweet wife and i. #peychevwedding

Theres always room for selfies! #peychevwedding

Merry Christmas!!! #Christmas #merryandbright

Grandpas funeral yesterday

My wife is finally done! Last recital!! So happy for her! #hadtogetthepianoperfomancedegree #sacstate #piano #morningandnight @dina_serikov

I have been married for a year now to the most amazing wife. I love that she loves the Lord and almost everyday spends time in reading scripture, i love that we can talk about Scripture together and oh how she is not scared of rebuking me in mostly anything. I love the nights we have for our family worship, when we sing together and read together. It's amazing that we can grow together and cry together and be joyful together and be awed together from Scripture. I love how she sings randomly with me on road trips and just very random occasions, how we make up goofy songs or whatever comes to mind, or just on road trips sing hymns, or all the times of learning new hymns and loving every new hymn we sing. I love how we have our own hand shake, that we made up over this year, we kept making up new things to add.. Its so cheesy but its ours.. I love how she makes up her own jokes, and she knows there so bad but doesn't care, and laughs about it :) i love our coffee dates when we can just have a cup of coffee and read a book. I love our spontaneous dates. Or exploring new places. I love the times we exercise together. Because oh i so need it. My wife is truly a wonderful cook! And i love that she keeps trying new things to make, even if they don't turn out, but they usually do :) I love when we take walks together. Or go on trails and some hikes, and just enjoy the weather and Gods creation and how amazing God is, for making all this. And just watch a sunset or two, those are wonderful times. I love how random she is. I still really cant believe that we are married for a year now. Gods grace on us and His mercy and the blessings He gives us are truly overwhelming. I am truly thankful. Happy anniversary dinachka. I love you!

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