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Jimmy  Anin💙🐊 spud buds🥔

Lovin it🏖☀️

Ladies. We can agree that tonight? Tonight was a bloody blast. Thanks so much for letting me tag along and dance and scream. Love yas @ninaclement_ @elleni_lambert23 ❤️❤️ let’s go dish bitches😝

Cheers shaya for putting up with the ride out to the middle of a damn valley🤙 it was a bloody blast chilling and getting absolutely scorched. Also cheers to you cheeky bastards here on boys night @tom1nielsen @wi11iam.j.h.m @logan_sherwood911. Let’s go boys!

Upside down and inside out. It’s a feeling💫

From rusty rebar to a 6 inch tanto knife. Boys I damn love yas. Was a wicked build and a beauty to play around with. Also thank you Logan for the knowledge of how annoying leather is. #forging #knife

Uh oh!😉 cheers boys@ @_mitch.miller_ @wi11iam.j.h.m @calencoventry ps we were totes sex icons 😍😍

Such a bloody wicked day! Thanks y’all for making it amazing! Cliffs were scary @wi11iam.j.h.m @calencoventry and wicked dance moves @shayamarshall_ @rileymckinnon03. Random bird flippage @ellaasibly. Love you guys!😆


I guess fun is the word I'm looking for. Or clear skies....🌧🌧🌪

Jee wiz that was a wicked night. Cheers boys 📸 @tom1nielsen

Legendary day cheers guy! Also happy birthday for Friday Hayley!🎈🎉🎉 even though the helium didn't work :(

Cheers for a bloody wicked day guys🌊🌊🌞

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