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Jalynne Crawford  Wife: Brandon Crawford⚾️Mom:Braylyn,Jaydyn,Braxton,Koda, & Jessie😄UCLA/Pepperdine Alum 📝Identical twin :) Janelle Leopoldo👯Calizonian 🌴🌞Baseball ❤️#35


The poem Kyrie and Kaylee wrote together about their mom! This is so beautiful it made me cry!🙏🏻They read it to me on the phone last night...I had to share it! @themrspippin we all love you!

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister in heaven! Earth surely isn’t the same without your presence. You make sure you let us know you’re here with us! You were one-of-a-kind! A daughter, sister, mother, Aunt, cousin, and even better friend! We will do everything to keep your spirit alive in us all! Your daughters Kaylee and Kyrie are the biggest pieces of you we have! I hope God made today extra special in heaven for you! Also if you scroll to last picture of Jenn and her baby Ryder: he is so special. That was a gift from our family to her, she always wanted a baby boy and that became her little man! So with that being said our son will be named: Bryson Ryder Crawford We love and miss you everyday Jenn!!! Heaven sure is brighter with you there.

Happy 2nd Birthday Braxton!!!! Truck-Animal-Baseball loving boy!!!! P.S. Braylyn took the last picture! She’s quite the photographer like Mommy! Hahah

Proud of my sister and all the brave women who came forward to share their statements and personal experiences in court! @jamiedantzscher rocked it today!!!! Nailed it! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 “not victims, but SURVIVORS!”

Hi 👋🏻

Welcome to our team @cutchtwenty2 @mariamccutchen so excited!!! The WBC was a blast with you both! Go @sfgiants

Happy birthday to our baby boy! Can’t believe you’re 2!!!! We adore our baseball/truck/animal/ball/Mickey lover! He’s so sweet and silly! He loves his big sisters Braylyn and Jaydyn! Time flies when you’re having fun! Love you Braxton Michael Crawford! 1-15-16 12:34pm #birthdayboy #mamasboy #fatherandson

Aloha 🤙Family time is the best time! @janelleleopoldo @christiedantzscher @smleopoldo 🌸😍🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♂️🤙🌸

Only 17 days left before the camp! Brandoncrawfordcamp is coming up! Just a few spots left to register!!! https://www.brandoncrawford35.com/signup-page/2018-camp-enrollment sign up at www.brandoncrawford35.com Looking forward to meeting all of you!!!!!

Now we couldn’t be more excited to be back as a family with our 3 Littles!!! A HUGE special thank you to my parents, brother & our sis @christiedantzscher for holding the fort down while we were on our anniversary trip. Also for flying with all the kids after a 9 hour delay!!!!! Love my family!!!! #thankful @janelleleopoldo mahalo 🤙🤙🌊🌅🌸🌸

Yesterday we took a trip down memory lane and visited our wedding spot from 6 years ago! Fast forward 6 years with 3 babies later and a 4th on the way!! It was so peaceful visiting where our journey and life story began! Happy late anniversary my love. 6 years and a life time to go!🙏🏻#wedding #anniversary #16weekspregnant #hubbynwife #konahawaii

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