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Jalen & Jacoby  🗣 GTGTPWTW 📺 Weekdays at 2pm ET on ESPN2 🎙@jalenvseverybody & @jacobyjuice

No floor work = soft move.

We had to get Joie on the line to tell us what’s good.

Damon Jones was not here for Walt Frazier’s comments about LeBron being a bad teammate.

The shade coming out of the J&J studio is tew much!

Is a million bucks enough to lure NBA superstars into the dunk contest?

Well alright then, Joakim.

Who ya got: WNBA star @chiney321 in heels vs. @jacobyjuice in regular clothes?

This is @jacobyjuice’s attempt saying @chiney321’s full name. Have mercy.

What happens when @chiney321 comes to the studio to fill in.

Maria said it’s a boss move.

Shoutout to Taco Bell for saving lives.

Can we talk about Jacoby’s prom photos though?

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