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Jaci Kjernander  Actress/model Boston. Traveler and adventurer. Mom. Beatles fanatic. Ocean lover. Co-owner of Silva Screen Productions.

Reunited with my onscreen son today! Brady was such a trooper during filming and it came across in the final product. You should be jealous @joelmmartin72 - I got to hang with "our boy" ;) haha! #namaste #namastethefilm #independentfilm #ssff #supportlocalfilms #nhfilmmakers #onscreenson

8 months old. I need to hold onto something because life is going by too fast. The pediatrician says he's the size of a one year old (help me!), he has 6 teeth almost (4 on top are popping through as we speak). No desire to crawl because rolling is so much more fun ;) Tonight we had a nice long dance party to Tom Petty because you bet your ass Jude will know good music and the amazing musicians that gave it to us. #heyjude #JudeLoyal #8monthsold #tompetty #butiaintgotwings

Resting up before the game, which of course they're not showing here in upstate New York. #patriots #patsnation #littlestfan #basiccable

"Jude look at mommy!" "Pfft mom, stop bothering me while I flirt with the cute girls at the next table." Sorry buddy... #imabadwingman #ladiesman #heyjude #judeloyal #ducklips

7 months old today! In 7 short months Jude has lived in 2 different states, been to 13 states, and 2 time zones! We're raising a little travel spirit ❤️ he's 18.9 pounds & 28 inches long! He also got 2 teeth this past month and two more aren't too far behind. He's great at sitting up on his own and looooooooooves real food (like you can't tell, haha). He also says Dada like it's going out of style, still trying to get a Mama out of him :-/ #heyjude #JudeLoyal #7monthsold #littletraveler

After almost an entire month of traveling we got home tonight and I was finally able to put this bad boy together that I got at the Lego store. I have a new found respect for people that can do things with Legos! I had no idea they were so challenging, fun, and relaxing all at the same time. Definitely not what I remember from being a kid ;) #legos #thebeatles #yellowsubmarine

Jude hanging out with his Great-Grandmother! Both of my grandmothers passed before I was born so I never had the pleasure of meeting them, it warms my heart that Jude is lucky enough to have 3 great-grandparents and 4 amazing grandparents! #heyjude #JudeLoyal #familygoals #minnesota

Here we go! Finally on our way, road tripping to Minnesota. #nytomn #roadtrip

This is how you road trip when you're pressed for time, don't want to stop, and the baby wants a bottle. Grateful for this big ass truck. #ford #f350superduty #roadtrip #nhbound #ilovethatdrugdenofastate

And in the blink of an eye you've become 6 months old! A half of a year already! 18 pounds and 26 or 27 inches long (it's hard to measure a baby lol). He's a real pro with a spoon and loves food over milk. 6 of the best months of my life. #JudeLoyal #heyjude #6monthsold

Family morning walk to the track to watch the horses warm up. And maybe partake in some food trucks ;) #saratogasprings #horseracing #saratogaracetrack

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