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Jacob Charles  S2 Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist NASM CPT NASM FNS Certified Game Changer #S2Faction

Happy birthday to the Evan Miller show. If you haven’t been watching this season- then you’re missing out. This season he is changing lives at Supplement superstores!
Come see a live filming at the St. Peter’s location!

If you want to get beefy like @angusthebeefybullie - then 25 g of protein every 3 hours is important- and it’s not an easy prescription to fill.
That’s where a good, low temperature processed, sustained Assimilation shake comes into play. #carbonfire .. Just having a quality protein shake isn’t enough, though. YOUR BODY NEEDS CARBS. That’s what fuels our body.
We prefer these cheddar crisps, but a handful of berries would be a healthier option. .

A lot of people make the mistake of using an isolate protein shake for meals and for post workout. This is NOT the best way to utilize your supplements. .

Please reach out if you have any questions. ****No animals were hurt, or fed actual cheddar crisps in the making of this post. *** #stayanabolic

People often ask me about when the best time to do cardio may be...
It’s at the end of the workout- when your body is already in a fat burning mode.
That is the answer... it doesn’t make it any easier ,though.

Guys, I’ve been screwing the diet up lately... hard. I haven’t been consistent with my training, and that always makes me want to eat like shit.
This GDA has saved me from weighing 700 pounds.
This is NOT how this Product is made to be used. You can’t have 11 cheat meals per week and expect GDA to save you.
GDA is to ensure that when your insulin is spiked, that the sugar is shuttled into muscle glycogen, and not stored as fat.
Ideally, you take this with you’re ONE cheat meal per week, to minimize damage (fat storage). I’ve recently started adding this to my post workout.
I have some extra fluff to burn off now, but I’m hoping to be super jacked in the near future !

Some days you’re feeling it, some days you aren’t. You still have to get it done, either way.

#the mechanic

Operation fixaflat/nochrome is a go.
Also. I have some 22 inch chrome wheels/tires for sale .... #holleratyourboi

Big shout out to @angusthebeefybullie and @s2_sammi for assistance with the Installation. I’m super grateful that Samm has tiny hands 😉

Just remember, that you can work your body out as much as you want, but there is nothing you can do about the gain face.

Are you stressed out? Feeling gloomy? We all have shit going on in our personal lives, right?
Relora is a combination of Chinese tree barks (magnolia officials and pheillodendron amurense) used to promote a healthy reaction to stress. This combination helps balance the hypothalamic-pituitary- adrenal axis (HPA). The HPA is a central hormone pathway for our bodies.
A balanced HPA axis promotes healthy levels of stress hormones, healthy sleep, and healthy energy levels.
300mg P.O. TID PRN unofficially prescribed by Dr. J (that’s me). #stayhealthy

Life is too short to be serious all the time...

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