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Jake Danielson  Alex & Mila ❤️💍 EMPIRE - Melbourne, AUS ⚔ Enquiries Via EMAIL ONLY 📧jakedanielsontattooer@hotmail.com Prints below 👇🏻

Finished this one from about 3 years ago today! Lines and black were healed, but we re-worked most of them to bring them up to date with the colour!
I find fresh colour against lines/Black healed that long never looks great or heals evenly, so it was nice to bring this whole piece together and freshen it up!

Stencil from my first one back at work! Starting the year off right.
For those wondering I’m currently booked until Mid July and my books are closed! They will re-open in March for new bookings in the second half of the year! In the mean time, my cancelation list is ALWAYS open and a great way to skip the queue, so feel free to email or keep an eye out for posts relating on here!

Spent the last couple of days hanging out with @swaelee and his crew and laid down a couple of cool little tattoos on Swae.
Thanks to @swaelee & @jjac1988 for reaching out and all your hospitality for us, it’s been a real pleasure and we had a great time with you guys, y’all are great people. See you in LA and congrats on #1 🙏🏻🔥 📷 @99visuals

A Mucha inspired, Pandora’s Box themed piece I never posted. Half healed, half fresh in this photo.

One of my favourites from last year on my dude Declan! Also a big cover up on the ribs.
This has been deleted 3 times, so I’ve added a black box for the more sensitive of viewers, even though nothing is visible. If you have a problem, please don’t report!

A favourite from last year on @joelhtattoo

Part of a leg sleeve that I haven’t posted yet. Excited to keep working on this!

Happy New Year everyone! Remember to stay safe and have fun tonight (or tomorrow)! 2018 was truly amazing for me and I can’t wait for 2019! Truly appreciative for life I’m able to live, the people around me and the love and support from my friends, family, clients and followers. Wishing the best to you all for the new year 💕🎊

And not to mention this years personal highlights! Getting married to my absolute dream of a wife, @aalexlouise and going on honeymoon together in the Maldives is the best thing I’ve/we’ve ever done. That day and that trip are moments in time I will cherish forever as the happiest points of my life.
Our wedding photos were shot by @jessicaabbyphotography and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Here’s a few of them, however @aalexlouise has posted so many more, so feel free to have a look if you’re interested!

What a year of tattooing!
I’m so overwhelmed with the crazy amount of dedication and support I receive from my clients, it’s been such a pleasure to be able to work with each and every one of you this year! Here’s a small recap of some of the large scale and “smaller” pieces that were finished this year. This year also saw the start to sooooo many new pieces, which I can’t wait to work on next year!
I’m really excited to continue to push my tattooing in the new year, I have a lot of really cool ideas and new projects to work on and I can’t wait to come into the new year refreshed and ready to go! 🔥🙏🏻
Thanks to my @empiremelbourne and @tatsupsupplyco for another great year of the best family and environment to work in I could ask for! Love you all

Louise’s Golden Eagle, we’re only one session away from finishing this one! 🦅 🌸

Bailey’s Namakubi back piece all finished up! Thanks for your commitment, strength and the good times bro! Looking forward to starting the arm next 💪🏻

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