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Jake  Travel in my soul, travel in my suspension. '97 XJ on 32's.

Anyways got my welder dialed in with the gas lol

Impulse buy. 150 and it's got all the shit I need except some of the bolts. But since I work in a hardware store I think I'm covered. #whoops

Went to a meet yesterday and got to bring my little cousin along and show him what that's like, he's due for his license any day and wants a TJ. Meanwhile, I might be buying a truck in June so I can tear this thing down and do everything right. And LS swap.

I'm in that awkward middle stage of growing out my hair

Hammer head fell off old handle. New handle. I love hammers.

Kitten was mid attack and fell asleep. Cats are mysterious animals.

So while I wait for parts to arrive I got the chance to throw six fucking tons of stickers on my toolboxes and my jeep. Got stickers put to the side for friends who asked for them (so no, no stickers for you!) and I'm wondering how the power adding works for tool carts and how do I strap that down to the dyno. Each sticker adds like 10 horsepower ya know.

It's very challenging to get two dogs to focus at the same time but anyways I'm back in the middle of nowhere fun. The A/C compressor clutch on my jeep burnt out so I get to fix that tomorrow. Also might get a roll cage. That'd be nice.

Family tradition and a good excuse to eat red meat.

🎶 six days on the road and imma gonna make it home tonight 🎶

Irony: woke up at the Colorado visitor center rest stop at the Nebraska state line. Realized on my way home from Washington in 2015, I slept here. Now for Nebraska. I hate Nebraska. And my jeep's AC pulley is still groaning. I'm just gonna drive until I need to address it.

Post jeep week, hotel regroup photo. Tomorrow I leave Moab. Though I'm not sad. I'm excited. I'm just so genuinely pumped to know that I WILL return. This trip put fuel to the fire. I don't care what it takes. And I'm still driving this beater with a heater next time. Maybe with a camper trailer though. But all things considered, me and my jeep indeed survived #EJS2017 with a little bit of luck and a couple bumps, bruises, and burns. I feel like a champion, and the 1,000+ mile run back home is my victory lap. It's been real, Moab. I'll be back, and nothing's gonna stop it.

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