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Jake  Have jeep, will travel.

Another one.

Today's been a shitfest but I got in this bitchin' @agendatradingcompany tee and it reflects my mood so much.

What you don't see: me stretched over the suburban to take this selfie

From left to right: asshole jeep driver, amazing beautiful puppy baby, half asleep obese jackass cat.

Gonna be a long ass night.

When you have baby gates all over the house to keep the dogs from stampeding in, you gotta accessorize.

These are my friends.

Gotta chronicle the good along with the bad. Front passenger regulator is stripped out and the window is taped up, rear window switch gave up. When I had it rolled down. @ups please bring my jeep parts sooner

Anyways got my welder dialed in with the gas lol

Impulse buy. 150 and it's got all the shit I need except some of the bolts. But since I work in a hardware store I think I'm covered. #whoops

Went to a meet yesterday and got to bring my little cousin along and show him what that's like, he's due for his license any day and wants a TJ. Meanwhile, I might be buying a truck in June so I can tear this thing down and do everything right. And LS swap.

I'm in that awkward middle stage of growing out my hair

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