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goofballs🤓 @imanthonytruj

Comment below how you think we got the Tesla on top of the truck😂alsooo happy birthday to my lil dawg @dynamitedylan who helped me designed & build all my cars🙌🏼love you bro & stoked to see your music career take off!! (peep his new song on his profile) it has a really good message that i back🙌🏼

definitely getting coal in our stockings 🤷🏼‍♂️

my teachers always told me I’d become a janitor.. forreal tho... it’s crazy.. but when I left my teachers & Ohio 4 years ago to move to La, I tried to create a clothing line with a bunch of the biggest influencers on social media that you see today.. NONE of them wanted to be apart of it.. NONE of them wanted to believe the 17 year old kid — theyyy all said no... Sooo I decided to go do it on my own.. i spent months designing it, naming it, & dreaming about it!! annndddd when I put it out on social media only aboutttt 45 sweatshirts were sold.. I was crushed, embarrassed, & taken back.. maybe those influencers were right? they told me it wouldn’t work & it didn’t.. I could’ve stopped hustling then... that would’ve been the easy thing to do... buttt i remembered that after every storm comes a rainbow.. so instead I rose to the occasion & continued to have drive.. I woke up everyday (BRO) & madeee shit happen.. 4 years later I’m a co-founder of one of the biggest influencer merch companies in the game @fanjoy along side of @chrisvaccarino ;; which has now sold millions of units in merchandise😈 woot woot!! buttt anyways... this photo happened randomly, but it’s so special to me because I’m wearing my new brand @shoprnbo in it & we did this photoshoot to promote the new RNBO drop which of course is out LITERALLY RIGHT NOW (link in bio) .. buttt it’s so special because the brand symbolizes rising & growing & being original every day... it’s forreal a movement... & this pic shows how i rose from what my teachers expected of me.. they thought i was gonna be a janitor.. but now I’ve literally heard stories about them banning kids from wearing my clothing in their classes... damn...... it’s just crazy how life works.... i love y’all & couldn’t do any of this without you... i mean it... (go join the RNBO movement — link in bio) shot by @jimjordanphotography

my new series - Jake Paul Uncut... drops... tomorrow... 👀

this is most I’ve looked like a tool in 21 years... so had to post it..... sup

wow. what. a. day.... this here is my new friend Maria.. you probably can’t tell but we are standing on the ashes of what used to be Maria’s house before these Southern California fires.. we spent all morning searching through ashes on our hands & knees to find anything we could: memories, jewelry, or anything valuable... she nearly cried when we found her daughters graduation ring - the fire came right through Maria’s neighborhood forcing her to evacuate... no less than 20 minutes from my house which we evacuated... It reminded yet again to be thankful for every little thing that I take for granted on a day to day basis... you never know when something like this can happen to you.. which is why I also encourage ANYONE reading this to get involved in your community.. get involved with helping other people, because you never know when you’re gonna be the one getting helped... hearing Maria’s story brought tears to my eyes.. & I can only imagine how many more people are affected by this... & to the fire fighters & first responders who fought these fires, y’all are true heroes!! Thank you so much🙌🏼there’s also hero’s like Trevor Quirk from @upperojairelief who are personally putting together relief efforts in communities & they allowed me to be apart of there efforts today!!🙌🏼get involved!! let’s make a difference!! & Pls! Pls! Pls! If you want to help these families that have lost everything, go to (UpperOjaiRelief.com) 🖤love🙌🏼

Married to the game💍 @loganpaul

“jealousy in the air tonight I could tell”

Jake Paul & Jojo Siwa dressed as Jake Paul & Jojo Siwa... I love Halloween 🎃😂

Team 10 is back baby😂... & if you were thinking these are look alike actors... they’re not..... okay... fine they are😅 can you guess who’s-who? (p.s if you wanna see the YouTube video of this, it’s on my channel now)

MY BESTFRIEND❤️rocking that new hometown collection mercH drop!! (Link in bio) join the movement😈 & remember there’s only a few days left of the $20 hoodies & $10 tees!! HURRY🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️

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