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so much comes to my mind when i look at this picture... i don’t even know where to begin really.. FIRST.. Erika ur hot af... but seriously tho this pic is just crazyyyy to me because I never EVER thought I’d fall for someone so hard at such an early age... in fact my love for her blind sided me.. the saying “if you’re looking for love you’ll never find it” is so true🙏🏼 this girl has changed my life in so manyyy different ways & I want everyone to know how much I love her❤️we have been through so much together (both amazing & shitty) & yet it just makes us stronger every time💪🏼buttt the best is yet to come & im so proud to have her in my life.. & erika, hopefully you’re reading this because... well... I’m your # 1 fan & I know you’re mine... but.... this is a really long caption.. sooo if you’re still reading this I love you & im gonna make you the happiest girl in the world❤️thanks for changing my life... & who would’ve thought that such a beautiful girl would have ended up with me... @erikacostell i love u baby

this island will never be the same💥😈#MYKOHOES #itsCELLYseasonBOYS

goood morning💫 shot by @erikacostell

I won the fight for America🇺🇸, so I had to celebrate like an American🔥#ItsCellySeasonBoys #Champion #RNBO

CHOCH boyyy got the beltttt hahaa this is crazy🙌🏼annnndd I launched a new clothing line @shoprnbo after SOOO MANYYYY months of planning⚡️it’s a clothing line on a mission, a mission to create a community of like minded individuals who DONT take no for an answer... people who wake up inspired to make the world a better place every SINGLE day... people who aren’t satisfied with just being your average joe 9 to 5 worker... people who keep fighting for what’s right in the toughest of times🕓PEOPLEEEE who “Rise N’ Be Original” every single day🔥🌈 #RNBO (go get some swag - link in bio) @shoprnbo

Soooo this past year hasn’t been the easiest for me.. public controversies, bad press, friendship fallouts, business teams stealing from me, lawsuits, & the list goes on... it’s been rough... The easy option would’ve been to give up.. to let all of that shit get to me, to let it slow me down, to just go back to a normal life... & I truly thought about those things as options... but i had to wake tf up.. i had to realize that nothing worth having comes easy.. I realized that the world was just testing me to see what i was truly made of & most importantly i realized that these “lows” make me appreciate the “highs” even more & i had to realize that “after every storm comes a rainbow” ... & I kept on thinking about that every time i felt defeated or felt like i wanted to give up... i never stopped thinking about it.. “after every storm comes a rainbow” ... I knew I had to keep on fighting through all the bs & noise.. & tonight (this fight) for ME PERSONALLY was the final fight not just physically but mentally to show myself that i could conquer the adversity & that i had made it through the storm... because of my mindset... “after every storm comes a rainbow” .. this saying helped me so much every single day that I wanted to turn it into something bigger than me.. I wanted everyone else to be able to use this saying in there life’s.. i wanted to create a movement... so I worked for months to create a new clothing brand called “RNBO” ... because in life you have to focus on the positive, the light, the rainbows. & SO tonight after MONTHS of hard work we finally celebrate winning this long battle of adversity & the launch of my new clothing brand @shoprnbo (go to the link in my bio to get a shirt or sweatshirt from the “storm white collection” & be the first people to join RNBO family. We are only selling a limited 500 units so hurry before they sell out) #RNBO rise n’ be original BABBYYYY🌈

The Storm Is Coming.. ⚡️🕓 T-minus 8 hours... make sure y’all are tuned in (link in bio) 🔥

Actions not words🥊 August 25th (pre-order the fight now!! link in bio) #thefallofdeji

5 days until #TheFallOfDeji ...he doesn’t know what’s coming😅 (pre-order the fight with the link in my bio) @babyface_niko thanks for repeatedly hitting me lol & sparring with me the past couple months 🙌🏼 it’s game timeeee

This is my friend Ferris.. last name wheel... we go way back

mood because the fight is only 10 days away & we’re feeling better than ever & we’re also trapped in a house in london with nothing to do & I also just posted my new music video (link in bio) lol so ya we’re excited😊 @loganpaul

New music video tomorrow on my YouTube channel @ 10am PST😈 be ready

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