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Jeremy Kelley  The stone that the builder refuse Will always be the head cornerstone

#siblings Two Robins that have survived the gauntlet of life so far. #backtobackagainsttheworld

So I watched this big beetle fly into the bush and then mount this other beatle. Then a red penis- if beetles have penises- came out of it and penetrated the other one and the penis was semi-translucent and I could see stuff/(in my mind jizz) moving through it into the other beatle. Lee Ann didnt like that I was so excited and yelling about it. It was kinda gross. #beetledicks #beetles #beetlejuice #beetlejizz #beetledicksbeetledicksbeetledicks

There have never been so many purples on this guy, orange usually is the dominant color #numexeaster #chile

the hidden bee #monarda #honeybee #beebalm

Living things

#potato first flower. All of our potatoes are ones from the grocerey that started growing in the pantry. Same with the garlic

The #numexeaster chile plant is still going strong. I need to move it to a larger pot. I heard they can grow to be 10 years old. This one may be 2 years old I dont even know now, maybe 3????

This is cracking me up. Looks like he is working on an old pickup or tractor #theryjachronicles

Shelling some home grown for dinner #peas

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