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Jake Roark Kodish  Professional Life Liver. 🕺🏻👽International Dance Instructor | World Traveler | Choreographer | Dancer email Peter@btb-mgmt.com for business inquiries

Throw back to Greece at @nmdfconvention dancing in the one and only @brianfriedman class! I’ve always been intimidated to take his class when I first moved to LA, it’s way out of my comfort zone. I’ve built more and more confidence in who I am and not scared to try and maybe fail at things I feel uncomfortable with. Absolutely love and admire Brian! I can’t wait to take more class from him! Got to dance with the talented @klaudiaantos was also a plus 🙆🏻‍♂️

After a month of travels starting in Europe ending in freaking north Africa! Seeing places I’ve only dreamed about, things I’d never thought I’d see, or even imagine. Experiencing different and beautiful cultures that are completely new to me, and most importantly getting to teach and meet soooo many young students who support me, I am finally coming home!!! I don’t take these experiences for granted and traveling doing what I love as well as sharing my heart and energy with so many is an amazing blessing thank you world for all your beauty! #exploretheworld

So many freestyles coming your way... actually gonna edit and post some of them on YouTube!! love morocco! 🙆🏻‍♂️❤️

Hi Rabat, Morocco!!! It’s so beautiful here!!! Can’t wait to teach tomorrow and Sunday at @l.baroque 🙆🏻‍♂️

Thanks @central.studio.eg for having me!!! I loved it here and the small intimate vibe was nice... next location and last stop Morocco!!! @l.baroque see you guys Saturday and added classes on Sunday! ❤️🤯😱

I can’t believe I’m here. Hi Egypt!!🇪🇬🇪🇬 p.s I never knew camels were so large lol

When you have a whole colosseum to yourself... shout out to @onur.danceon for filming! Shout out to @louisthechild for the vibe as always.

Today was insane one of the coolest moments of my life. All these people took planes and trains and drove from all over Turkey and neighboring countries just to take my class, to learn and share energy with ME! I appreciate all of you so much! Would never in my life think it would be possible to reach this many people just from sharing my art form of dance! Thank you @on.dance.studio @onur.danceon and everyone who made this a special trip for me! Can’t wait to come back again! Next stop EGYPT! @central.studio.eg then Finishing my tour in MOROCCO @l.baroque (which we added two classes for both cities since they filled up so fast) can’t wait to see you all ❤️❤️ @tame__impala what you guys think??

We haven’t taken any pics lately I have a full on beard and you have long ass hair but just wanna say happy 25th bday!! It blows my mind that you’re 25 now but love you little brother we are getting old 😱😭 always got your back like I know you have mine! Make sure you give this guy a follow he’s much funnier and has way more talents than me all I do is dance he can do everything else lol @slaterkodish

A little freestyle to @jonasbrothers new song! Never been a fan. It if they keep making music like this I’m here for it! #sucker

Time travel is real.. Loved dancing with these two little geniuses! Had trouble with this song and choreo I wanted to challenge myself and Boiii was this a challenge!! Hahah go watch the NEW video on YouTube! —————————————————
Dancers: @seanlew @audreylanepartlow
Choreo: @jakekodish
Song: @duckwrth #timetravel @mr_carmack remix
Filmed: @timmilgram
Location: @tmillytv

Never would I have imagined I’d be in a place like this! Izmir, Turkey with a pocket full of gadgets and a bottle of wine. Can’t wait to teach class Sunday! Thanks @on.dance.studio and @onur.danceon for bringing me to this beautiful country!

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