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Jake Kiere  I like to pew and teach others how to pew too.


Good times with great friends. Always love spending some time with my bud @michigantrainer. He helps channel my inner Ricky Bobby... #iwannagofast

Day 2 of LTC Instructor School. Shot well on the qual- now time for the written test...

Day 1 of LTC Instructor School.

Learning about force-on-force with Mike of @group6training. Just trying to not get shot in the face while simultaneously trying to shoot bad guys in their faces. Lots of face shooting occurring- you get the idea.

Spent a few minutes today with the @hudson_mfg H9 at @shootsmart. This is a pretty cool little blaster. Looking forward to shaking it out and seeing what it can do... Don’t pay attention to that 1 shot off to the right... that’s not important. #mybad

Getting my medical learnin’ on with Ross of @darkangelmedical. It’s not all about the pew-pews. Thanks to @biggestn8r/ @xpi_armory for getting it all set up!

In the last 24 hours, we have seen the best and the worst that this life has to offer. The best from the first responders who, day in day out, put their lives on the line for strangers, and the worst from a madman who desired nothing more than to extinguish the spark of other human beings. The best from others reaching out to help, and the worst from politicians and “leaders” making this problem with the hearts and minds of our citizens into a legal battle about guns and egos. The best from our nation’s response with donations and blood, the worst from conspiracy theorists and those who have no regard for the life and welfare of their fellow man.
Evil can always find a way, but good will ultimately prevail. Do your best to take care of you and yours.
Vegas, we love you.

Shenanigans with @tvarley24

Trying to suck less, and I think this is a step in the right direction. 5 round groups at 5, 7, and 10 yards on 2" dots. My shooting has nosedived recently, so these groups give me some hope and make me feel like there's a chance I WON'T have to sell all my guns and take up underwater basketweaving as a full-time gig. Definitely thankful for that.

For all my shooting friends... My store has been chosen to reveal the new Glock models coming out this year. Swing by and shoot/ buy them before they're available to the general public! I'm definitely looking forward to checking them out.

It's not all pew-pews. I mean, it's mostly pew-pews, but not always.
Trying to break in this new hat from Mr. @temple_indexing_mofo of @centrifugetraining. I miss you dad, you never write anymore...#wenttogogetcigarettes #nevercameback

"Don't Grandma-hug the gun." Teaching with @erik_pistolas tonight at @shootsmart.

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