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Jake ►  I turn my camera on. You hit me like a tom.


Saw Dunkirk at 8pm this evening.


Get it? GET IT???


hey cool I didn't order pizza

1) If anyone ever gives you crap about Instagramming pictures of food, remind them that there are a bunch of dudes with paintings in a museum of bowls of fruit and cheese plates.
2) A fun game is coming up with alternate titles for pieces (e.g. "The Orator" could be titled "when ur tweet is 🔥")
3) It's all fun and games until you realize that when the placard says "…and mummy" that means yeah, there's a mummy in that glass case
4) Old-school Middle Eastern and Mediterranean art is super cool
5) If you ever get caught with a weird face in a group picture, know that a Rembrandt has someone making that same face somewhere in the background (Or foreground. Or dead center of the painting.)
6) Bauhaus is where all my favorite minimalist iPhone games come from.

I like the beach.

Another perfect month in the books! Riding my bike to the office more has definitely helped me meet my April calorie goals. Looking forward to Bike to Work Month activities in May. #nofilter #fitness #fatness #MyWatchTanGameIsFire #applewatch

I still get an Easter basket. My mom is the best! Happy Easter!

Clips app means I can finally look like everyone in A Scanner Darkly. I've never seen that movie, I just know what it looks like, and that's probably the same for you. Also, check out that sick detail on my teeth #neato

Got my nifty leather wallet from @simple! A little surprised by the way it was shipped, but I dig it! Cool coaster via @bigplantinyshop. #nofilter #RIPMitchHedberg

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