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#Quarantined Slayve  My Pictorial Come Up I just dropped a Tsunami click link below⬇


#Quarantine still fresh and crispy go cop everyone, link on bio... Tell a friend to tell two friends!!#wutang #2 #music #goodvibes #NigerianSound #new

#Quarantine Out! Direct download link in bio to 48 hours FAM. Support the kid!
Produced by - WildboyAce

Mixed and Mastered by - Yldidit

When you create that space you wanted,the struggle just begins. Because in space, ain't no gravity to determine how you fall , no land to land on its just an endless freefall... an abyss. When you create the space you wanted, use that mindset to fix the problems that set you off on that path. Then come back strong continuing to put in work in relationships with people around you. In the end, Love is King. #Quarantine drops on monday. Official Art in a bit. πŸ“· @callmekoldre

New music for you. Have you ever felt the need to have your own space? A Self - imposed #Quarantine?This is your shit. #nigerian #newrapsound #different #trap #rap #hiphop . Next week!

This man's Energy,vibes and sound is too unique!. He's created a new sound #AfroRap and he's killing.
Thanks for blessing us with this work of art. #Grateful.

Everyone please go cop & support @officialcarto 's - Afrocandy Ep!! Pure firrrh!

Irregular.. but #Dont sleep on me.. i'm spikey from the cartoon.

#Dont is out! Link in bio πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

The eye of the carnivore says it all... A year ago I did try to quit music
Was successful for a bit
But I stopped to think,
Had to re-evaluate the reason
I made music in the first place
My audience,the fans, the love, critics....everything. After a thorough soul search,
I came out with #Dont 's instead of #Do's.

#Dont leave,the game needs you
#Dont take no hand-outs
#Dont nobody do it like you do
#Dont frigging quit..... doing what you love as long as its right.

With @thavennomish & @preceptvibes init?
A classic......it was written.
To you out there #Dont quit too!

With the blueprint but we didn't plan it. Anticipate fire guys!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Out now! Link in Bio

Tomorrow FAM. We start the year with a quick narrative and a monster rap song; #4pminBerger & #WeBack.

Stay tuned. Ohh one more thing..Ever been to Berger?

Top Shotta cc @callmekoldre

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